Add a border to your project with simple crochet stitches.
border crochet
Pick up the broomstick lace stitch and watch your crochet take off!
Also called Alligator Stitch, this unusual stitch is quite simple to do.
Try this simple technique that works with any yarn, even if it's too thick to fit through a sewing needle.
Sometimes, a tasseled finish is just the right touch for a scarf or shawl. Here’s how to add them to any project.
Learn the differences between these fun stitches!
Making a twisted cord is a quick way to add a drawstring or strap to your crochet project.
There are special gadgets for making pom-poms, but all you really need is scrap cardboard, scissors, and yarn.
If you can make a granny square, you can make African flowers!
Make the Tailgating Blanket starting from one corner using this interesting stitch.
Frustrated about gaps in your turning chains at the ends of rows?
Here's how to count chain, single, and double crochet stitches.
When crocheting items that need to fit, your gauge is very important.