This technique makes a looser crocheted fabric and also creates horizontal lines.
Make beautiful ruffles in a flash with Red Heart Boutique Filigree, a new ribbon yarn.
This technique is often used for the bottoms of bags and slippers.
Add a color pattern to your crochet with this easy embroidery technique!
Learn this simple colorwork technique.
Basic information about hook sizes, yarn weights, sizing, and more.
Embellish your crochet with this chained stitch.
Inspired by the egg-dyeing season, we decided to have some messy fun dyeing yarn.
Vivid colors and a strong graphic pattern make this old-fashioned granny throw totally modern.
Learn the basics of Irish crochet, a beautiful way to make lace.
This useful edging is also called Crab Stitch.
Create charity blankets with this easy stitch.
Learn this textured pattern based on post stitches.
This fun motif is a great stash buster!