A Simple Guide for Left-Handed Crocheters

Laurinda Reddig of www.ReCrochetions.com offers easy and helpful tips for new and experienced left-handed crocheters.

If you are left-handed like I am, you may be intimidated by the idea of learning to crochet or trying to read patterns. But it is really quite easy!

For years I did not even realize that by following the patterns as they were written, I was doing everything in reverse. That was until I made my first sweater with different patterns for the left and right fronts, but by then I understood patterns well enough to adapt. With just a few minor exceptions, you too can follow any crochet pattern with ease.

Reading Patterns

You can follow most crochet patterns exactly as they’re written. Just keep in mind that your finished product will be a mirror image of what a right-handed crocheter would get. As long as the crocheted fabric is the same on both sides, you can use the Wrong Side (WS) as your Right Side (RS) to achieve the same results. 

When you come across a pattern that refers to left and right, simply remember to do the reverse. The main exceptions to this rule are garments with different left and right fronts, particularly those with buttonholes. To get the intended results, you would actually begin at the end of each row and work the stitches in reverse order.

Reading Stitch Diagrams
and Color Charts

When it comes to stitch diagrams and color charts, you can generally beginat the lower right-hand corner, just as a right-handed crocheter would (color chart a). After all, every other row of the chart will be backward for them as well. Your finished image or pattern will be reversed. If the direction of the image is important, such as when crocheting letters, then you will begin at the lower left-hand corner. You can even cross out the chain stitch symbols and draw them in on the alternate rows (chart B).

Working in the round can be a bit trickier, as left-handed crocheters work clockwise and right-handers workcounter-clockwise. You may need to flip the stitch diagram to make sense of it (diagram C). However, if the same stitch pattern is repeated all the way around each round, you can switch the placement of the beginning chains and the ending slip stitches, and follow the diagram backward.

So go for it! Lefties can do anything righties can do!  


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