How to Work Tapestry Crochet

Tapestry Tutorial
By Carol Ventura
This technique enables you to crochet with more than one color in a row, while keeping the opposite side of the work neat. The instructions on this page should be useful when making our Free Tapestry Wallet pattern--be sure to also download the "Tapestry Tutorial" article. For more information about tapestry crochet, including how-to videos, check out Carol's website.

To carry a color, insert the hook from front to back under the two top loops of the stitch (as shown above). Lay the additional color over the same top two loops or slightly angled down to the front. Single crochet across the row as usual, crocheting under and over the additional color.

Change colors while completing the sc, by pulling a loop of the new color the last two loops on your hook, as shown above.

The Tapestry Wallet is worked in rounds, beginning at the bottom. After crocheting across the top of the foundation chain as usual, turn the piece around to continue crocheting on the bottom of the chain (above).

Work three stitches into the last chain stitch in the space indicated by the left arrow, above, then pull the short tail of yarn.

Single crochet across, carrying the tail.

Insert the hook where the white arrow indicates to start the second round (above).

Continue to single crochet around, inserting your hook under the two top loops of each stitch of the previous round. Work only one stitch into each end stitch, as indicated by the black arrows. This will cause the piece to curl up on the sides to make the wallet shape.