How to Work Surface Slip Stitch

It's easy to add surface interest by working a flat chain along your crocheted piece. It's like an embroidered chain stitch, except you can do it with a crochet hook. Here's how:

1 Make a slip knot, but do not place it on your hook. Hold the slip knot on the wrong side of your project. Insert the hook from the right side through to the wrong side and place the slip knot on your hook, then yarn over and draw a loop to the right side.

2 Insert your hook from the right side to the wrong side through the next stitch or space, yarn over on the wrong side.


3 Draw the yarn over loop through to the right side.


4 Pull the yarn over through the loop on your hook (surface slip stitch made).

To end, draw up a loop on the RS, remove your hook, and use it to draw the loop through to the wrong side of the work. Cut the yarn, pull the yarn tail through the final loop, and pull firmly.

This technique was used to make the leaves in our Embellished Sampler Pillow (March/April 2009).



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