How to Work Reverse Single Crochet

Step 1 Work single crochet in opposite direction by inserting hook in next stitch (to the right if right-handed, and to the left if left-handed).


Step 2 Yarn over and draw up a loop.


Step 3 Yarn over and draw through both loops on hook.



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Wow! That was superb. I did

Wow! That was superb. I did not know how to reverse single crochet. I am learning this art now. Well I call this art. Because it is so tough for me! I am also a regular visitor of this site. Thank you for all the information you people are providing. Please add more video tutorials.
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Since this edging is usually

Since this edging is usually the last round of a project, we would cut the yarn, thread the yarn tail onto a sewing needle, and sew the last stitch to the first stitch of the round (just like finishing a hat brim).

crab stitch joining

I can do the stitch OK, but I always have to fudge the joining. I'd really like to see a better way to join crab stitch in a round.

I have the same problem. I'd

I have the same problem. I'd also like to see an easy way to join it in the round.