How to Work Intarsia

Follow our step-by-step instructions to work with two colors using the Intarsia technique. You need two balls of color A for the background (shown in blue) and 1 ball of color B for the design (white).

First, make a swatch by starting with a chain of 20 stitches. Work a few rows of any crochet stitch (photos show extended single crochet) in color A using the yarn from one ball of A. The next step is to make 2 stitches in color B in the middle of the piece, as shown below.

a To change color, work the last stitch with color A until there are 2 loops left on your hook, yarnover with color B, and complete the stitch as usual.

b Work the next stitch in color B, then work the next stitch until 2 loops remain on the hook, yarnover with the second ball of color A, and complete the stitch.

c Continue the rest of the row with color A. Turn and work back, changing colors and balls of yarn as before. Make sure to twist the two colors around each other when changing from one to the other, to prevent a hole.

d To straighten the edges of the white shape, you can work a slip stitch outline around it, as shown in yellow. Click for detailed instructions about how to work surface slip stitch.



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