How To Make Hairpin Lace

Basic Strip

Set prongs to desired width. Make a slip knot and place it over the left prong, with knot between prongs. Wrap the yarn around the right prong and to the back.

2 Insert hook through the loop and pull up a loop, chain 1.

3 Rotate hook so the handle faces up, reach around the loom to grab the hook, then flip the loom so the yarn wraps around it.

4 Insert hook in the right side of the loop, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook.

5 Repeat the last two steps to desired length, then remove strip from loom.

Single Crochet  Edge

Join yarn with a slip stitch to the last loop, chain 1, single crochet into the top of each loop on the strip.

Cable Join

1 Place the strips side-by-side. Insert the hook into the first loop on one strip, then into the corresponding loop on the other strip. Pull the second loop through the first. One loop on the hook.

Insert the hook into the next two loops on the first and second strips, and pull the second loop through the first. Then pull the second loop through the loop on the hook. Repeat these two steps to the end of the strip. End by pulling the yarn tail from one of the strips through the last loop on the hook.

Grouped Loops

Instead of a single crochet edge, you can insert the hook into several loops, working the same number of single crochet stitches as there are loops. Repeat in groups to the end of the strip.