How to Crochet the Crossed Treble Crochet

By Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence


The crossed treble crochet is a rarely-used stitch that you can practice to add a new lacy effect to your designs. It only requires basic crochet knowledge of the treble crochet stitch. It’s great as a repeating stitch for scarves but also works well for edgings.


Step One:

Crochet a starting chain of any odd number length. The example here is a chain of 15.

Step Two:

Skip five stitches and trc into the sixth chain from the hook. (This counts as the first trc and the first skipped stitch).

Step Three:

 Trc in the fifth chain from the hook. What you are doing here is working backwards, crossing back over in front of the trc that you just made in step two; this is what creates the X effect.


Step Four:

Skip the next stitch and trc into the following stitch.


Step Five:

 Trc in the skipped stitch, again working back over the trc you just created so that you get the X stitch.


Step Six:

Repeat steps four and five to the end of the row.

This completes a row of treble crochet crossed stitches. If you want to continue with additional rows, you will turn, chain four (counts as first treble crochet), skip the first trc, trc into the second trc and then cross back over and trc into the skipped stitch, effectively repeating the above steps on the new row.

The crossed double crochet is essentially just a taller version of the crossed double crochet. If you like working with tall stitches, make sure that you know how to crochet the quintuple treble stitch.



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