The crossed treble crochet is a rarely-used stitch that you can practice to add a new lacy effect to your designs.
A great textured stitch for items such as scarves and washcloths.
Follow along, step by step.
Learn how to make a Granny Circle. It’s perfect for coasters, placemats, rugs or any other round item you want to...
Learn how to crochet a granny triangle to give more adaptability to the classic design.
Take the regular crochet granny square to new heights by elongating it into a rectangle. Turn this classic motif into...
A perfect stitch for anytime you want a great padded fabric.
A great stitch for projects where you want a lot of texture detail without putting in a lot of hard work!
daisy star
A great decorative stitch that can work for a variety of different items.
A unique variation on the basic cable stitch pattern.
cable stitch
Worked in two colors the wave stitch creates a beautiful undulating design.
wave stitch
Elongate your work with tall stitches
Know a leftie just learning to crochet? Pass these tips on to make reverse pattern reading easy.
Tall stitches grow your work quickly!
Learn this easy knotless join in six simple steps.