May/June 09

Wedding Rings Blanket

A traditional double wedding ring quilt pattern, reinterpreted in crochet, makes an afghan with classic good looks. We think it’s a wonderful gift for a bride and groom.
By Katherine Eng

RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g skeins, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
• 4 skeins #313 Aran (A)
• 1 skein #885 Delft Blue (B)
• 1 skein #381 Light Blue (C)
• 1 skein #886 Blue (D)
• 1 skein #347 Lt. Periwinkle (E)
• 1 skein #385 Royal (F)

• Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Yarn needle

Note about patterns
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Wedding Rings Blanket

In the We hear you section of Crochet today a reader posted a picture of Wedding rings blanket with alterations she made to it. is there anyway to get that pattern? I lke the blanket but I thought it was too stiff. I think that is a perfect solution to my problem.

Unfortunately, there is no

Unfortunately, there is no "pattern", just a very talented reader who came up with her own lovely variation.

please send your question to

please send your question to, thanks :)

Wedding Blanket

I am very confused about the instructions on the first page it does not tell you how many squares to make or how to attach it. were is the Aran things you need to crochet? Also, should I make all the Aran first so that I can attach the squares as I go? This will happen only when I can figure out what to do and how may to make. I have taught myself how to crochet about 17 years ago and I have followed patterns for years with no problem, but this is very confusing to me. Thank you to anyone that can help.

pattern help

The Notes for the pattern specify that you will make 36 squares, 18 of each type. In the middle of page 34, under "Assembly," it tells you to whip stitch the squares together.

Take a look at the diagram on page 35, you'll see how each square is made up of both the Aran color AND the colors--in an oval. Those are the units that are described in the directions for Square 1 and Square 2, and they are seamed together later.

corner issue

my corners aren't square, there more like zigzag... is this correct or am I reading the pattern incorrect? Seems like I have an extra stitch in row 3, however my count is correct, 4 sc and 2 ch1 help!!!

Wedding Rings Blanket

I Love Your Magazine. I was a Lil confused at first with the colors so what I did was cut a lil piece of yarn (Color choice) and glued it to the instuctions.
Now, a visual makes it easier not to make a mistake.
The only problem I have is on Patch 1: the last part of it:
sl st in 3rd ch of ch-3 at either end of center oval-3 sc and 2 ch-1sps

The*(and 2ch-1sps)* is not clear to me????? Do you slip stitch on the previous 2 ch 1 space too?

Wedding ring blanket

I am also totally confused about the colors. Can some please help?


Just follow the first letter of the color recommendation all the way through for the first block. Then follow the second letter when you make a second block. You'll repeat this 18 times so that you have 18 of square 1 and 18 of square 2 in the end.

Wedding ring afghan

I know where the first square begins where does it end.