September/October 2010

Tailored Blazer

Make this suit-inspired sweater your new favorite work-wardrobe piece. We especially love it for business trips; it won’t wrinkle in the suitcase!
By Mari Lynn Patrick

RED HEART Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool, 1¾oz/50g balls, each approx 87yd/80m (bamboo/wool)
• 12 (13, 15, 16, 18) balls #3525 Peacock

• Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Two buttons—1"/2.5cm diameter
• Stitch markers
• Yarn needle


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tailored blazer

the written instructions for the increase row says you ch 1,(sc,hdc, dc)in first sc, then(sc, hdc, dc)IN NEXT HDC. the problem is that the stitch diagram shows the increase is the same except the second (sc,hdc,dc) is to be done IN NEXT DC. which way is correct?

tailored blazer

i just finished the back of the blazer and i found that the written instructions for the increase rows are correct not the diagram.

Tailored Blazer

Love this blazer! Would definitely add it to my Rav queue. Love the color it was made in, also.

waiting forever for a subscription IS Ridiculous

It would be a wonderful thing if all the magazines went to digital subscriptions. It would save a lot of time & it is more earth friendly. It is backwards for magazines not to have digital subscriptions as an option.

Poor Service

Yes! I agree it need to wait looooooooooooooooooooooooog.
Why they dun't upgrade to soft copy!
Like Crochet World, they have soft copy ( and not need to wait. We can view soft copy any time we like. (not need to wait for the hard copy)

SLOW subscription service

WHY must I first see all the great stuff in the newest magazine on Ravelry and/or this website and then I have to WAIT (impatiently!) 2-3 weeks before I ever receive my copy in the mailbox? Used to be if you subscribed to a magazine, you'd be the first to get a copy and THEN it would go out on newstands. Just wondering!

Sorry...didn't want this under the tailored blazer!

many other magazines post previews

The preview is a service to get people excited about the issue; it goes up about 2 weeks before the issue goes on sale. If there's a delay longer than that it's likely due to the mail service.

The loooooooong wait

Everkutz, I couldn't agree more! I thought the exact same thing when I saw this gorgeous blazer. Pretty frustrating, isn't it? But then I had to remind myself that in the great scheme of life, waiting a couple of weeks for my favorite crochet magazine isn't so bad (although it's sure annoying!).

Tailored Blazer

I love this blazer and would make it.