July/August 2010

Sweet Summer Cardi

Top a sundress or shorts with this vintage-inspired cardi. A pretty, open yoke and cap sleeves make it the perfect light layer for the summer season.
By Mari Lynn Patrick

RED HEART Eco-Ways, 4oz/113g balls, each approx 186yd/170m (acrylic/recycled polyester)
• 4 (5, 6) balls #1821 Blue Cloud

• Size H/8 (5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• 2 buttons—1"/25mm diameter
• Stitch markers
• Yarn needle


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Summer Cardi pg 36

I agree with Tinney about the stitch diagram. Actually I dislike saying this but this is not one of the more "user friendly" instructions. I have been crocheting for more years than I want to admit and I too will have to ribbit....almost ready to give up on this one. Now having said all this, it is not impossible for it to be entirely "crocheter error(s)" and if this turns out to be, my sincerest apologies. Thank you for listening to a frustrated crocheter...

Sweet Summer Cardi

Got the back done, did the first and second fronts, however they are not in the right places, now I have to rip all of it out and try again.
Wishing the pattern stitch diagram for these. Any ideas or suggestions woud be wonderful!

Placing Backs and Fronts -- Sweet Summer Cardi

Hi Tinney,
You'll notice (below) that there was a typo in the instructions about the markers. At the beginning of the back, you should remove the 3rd (middle) marker, not the 4th. I do hope this wasn't the cause of the problem.

In general the fronts, and back begin and end just below V-sts of the lacey yoke (the V-sts surrounded by multiple dc sts). This may help you keep everything lined up. When working the first few rows of each front and back, check that the piece begins and ends just below one of the V-sts; it may begin or end one or two sts slightly to the left or right of the V-st -- this depends on the size -- but should appear to be beneath the V-st.

I hope this helps.

Summer Cardi pg 36

I have made the yoke to this beautiful cardi and is awesome. In the instructions for row 10 it said I would have 42 sts between markers. Did I miss something? In the begining rows I did not see any indication as to where the markes should be placed.

Can someone please help? I am ready to do the back and it specifically says to work between markers. Don't want to start crocheting in the wrong place only to have to ribit...

Markers -- Summer Cardi

You'll find that the markers were placed during Row 9. Since you just finished Row 10, it's probably not too late. If you carefully re-read Row 9 and "place" the markers as instructed, you'll be able to see where they should have been moved up to when working Row 10. I hope this helps.

Question on Adding the Back Panel

I am having trouble understanding the instructions for beginning the back on this. It states to remove the 4th stitch marker, yet the back is worked between 2 & 4. It goes on to state that this is the middle stitch marker. The middle marker is actually #3, not #4.

Can someone please clarify for me - I love the piece so far & I really want to finish up for my vacation next week :)

Adding Back Panel

Hi Sandra,
You are correct, the middle marker is marker #3, not #4. The instructions should say to "remove the 3rd stitch marker." Thanks for pointing this out.

Sweet Summer Cardi

I have completed row 10, and I have the correct number of stitches, and I have 42 stitches between the marked stitches, so I believe the pattern should say you should move the marker up to the middle stitch of the 3 stitches worked in each ch -3 sp.

you are correct!

I checked with our tech editor, and she said the following:

The note before Row 10 should read: As Row 10 is worked, move markers up to center sc of the sc-group worked in each marked ch-3 sp.

Sweet Summer Cardi

I am having a problem with this pattern. On row 9 I have 7 groups of 7 dc, V-stitch, 7 dc, having one on each end of row and 5 in between. According to the directions this is correct. I have 5 V-stitches in the 7 dc groups, and I have marked these with a marker as instructed. A note before row 10 says move stitch marker in the v-stitches to middle sc of 5 in marked v-stitch on row 10. However, when on row 10, if I am reading the pattern correctly, the 5 single crochets are in the V-stitches in the clusters, not in the 5 marked 7 dc, v-stitch,7 dc group. I believe the instructions are saying 3 sc in this V-stitch.
What am I doing wrong? I need help. Thanks