Nov/Dec 09

Sparkly Snowflakes

Add a little luster to dark winter nights with this cozy afghan, stitched in shimmery yarn. Join-as-you-go construction makes it surprisingly quick to finish!

By Kim Kotary

RED HEART Holiday, 3½oz/100g skeins, each approx 235yd/215m (acrylic/metallic polyester)
•  3 skeins #140 White/Silver (A)

RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g skeins, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
•  3 skeins #380 Windsor Blue (B)

•  Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

•  Yarn needle

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I'm new to this site.. I am a advanced crocheter and i was wondering how u get the patterns to the blankets n stuff on this site..

patterns are not available online

If you want a pattern from a past issue, you must buy the issue. Call 800-865-7240 to inquire about availability or find an online vendor of the magazine. We do not sell individual patterns.



Now I don't get the picots.

Every crochet book or magazine I have explains picots as decorative edging, is this really true for this pattern also? I wish I could watch a video of one motif being made, as I am new to this whole crochet thing, but loving it. Do you have any such video? Any ideas on where to get help? I've got the whole chain, SC, HDC, DC & TC, I finally got clusters, I think I have the picot but I'm worried, I 'm sure I'll have more questions before I'm through. Thanks again for your time.


The picots are decorative, yes, to help create the shape of the snowflake within the navy blue, but they're not on the outside edge entirely. You'll work into them when you do the background. I think just trust in the directions and you'll be fine.

How do I block this afghan? Please help.

I am halfway through this afghan and I realized that I have never blocked a join as you go afghan. I have only made granny square afghans and have always blocked the squares before I join them. Please tell me how I should block this afghan. Do I pin? Do I wet/steam/ or press block it?


It depends on the yarn you're using, whether wet blocking or steaming would be most appropriate; check the ball band of the yarn. Most people doing blankets will spread them out on a guest bed or other space that is large enough to accommodate it and yet not be in the way--don't put it on your own bed if you plan to sleep there that night!

Blocking the Sparkly Snowflake Afghan

I am using red heart super saver yarn and red heart holiday just like the pattern recommended. I don't have a steamer, so would it be ok to wet block it by washing the afghan after it is finished in a washing machine on gentle and then just lay it flat to dry?

that should be fine

Super Saver and Holiday don't really need much blocking anyway!

I don't get the clusters

Hi, I think this pattern is beautiful too, but I just don't get how to do the cluster. I'm pretty new to this craft can anyone help? (or any ideas where to get help) Thank you for your time.

All it's takes is patience. I finally figured it out can't wait to put it together.