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Soft Stroller Blanket

This small-scale baby afghan is the perfect size to use in a stroller—baby will stay cozy, and the blanket won’t drag or catch in the wheels.

By Marianne Forrestal

RED HEART Eco-ways, 4oz/113g balls, each approx 186yd/170m (acrylic/recycled polyester)
•  1 ball #3360 Mushroom
•  1 ball #3520 Aquarium
•  2 balls # 3313 Oyster

Crochet hook
•  Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

•  Yarn needle


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Pattern Link

Hey Guys,

I google the name and I found a link for a person who has posted a pdf at the address below. Enjoy!!


Stroller Blanket

I love this pattern... I am currently working on the blanket now and the colors and pattern are very pretty. I can't wait to finish it... lol...


Did anyone else have trouble with the pattern? I am at work today and forgot my magazine at home with the pattern, does anyone have a copy they could post??

Soft Stroller Blanket

The pattern was printed in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue. If it's not in the "free patterns" section, you will need to contact the magazine to find out about the availability of back issues.


You are correct! Thanks for answering people with this question.

I'm I doing something wrong.

Like many others, I am wondering how to see the actual instructions for the various projects displayed here. If they aren't available as PDFs from the website, are they available for sale someplace?

back issues

Patterns are not available online; they are in the magazine. You can call 800-865-7240 to order, or do a search online; there are various vendors who sell issues.

Stroller blanket

Do you have actual instructions for this afghan?