Jan/Feb 10

Single-Skein Blankie

Just one ball of yarn is all it takes to complete this sweet blanket—easy construction makes it a breeze, even for newbies!
By Marty Miller

RED HEART Baby Blankie, 16oz/453g balls, each approx 819yd/749m (acrylic)
• 1 ball #8700 Baby Pink

• Size J/10 (6mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Yarn needle

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Starting Row

I bought the book, but I cannot figure out how many to cast on??? Can anyone help me?

This pattern uses a different

This pattern uses a different cast on called the Foundation cast on. You can do a google search to find lots of info on how to make it. Basically, you will be making the foundation chain and also working the first row into it at the same time.

single skein baby blanket

The ladies in our church group think this is the best and easiest pattern ever - works up fast - edging is already done when the blanket is done. What more could you ask? Love it.


I logged into your web page totally expecting to subscribe. However, when I looked at your 'corrections' tab, every single issue has corrections to the patterns you've published!!! What's up with that? I no longer think I'm interested!! Thanks anyway.

Not so uncommon

I have been a subscriber for several years now, and have made dozens of patterns that did not need correcting--or the corrections were so minor that I could easily figure them out myself. In a print publication with such exact patterns, there are ALWAYS corrections. I think that there are relatively few for such a publication as Crochet Today!, and the range of functional patterns and their use of such economical yarns will keep me subscribing for years to come!

Single-skein blankie

I would like to let you know that I added fifteen more shells across the top and 65 shells down and now have made two large afghans from this pattern. I also made the baby blanket as well. This is a great pattern. I really like those you can see designs right off from the get go and it keeps on going. It is like a cross stitch picture to me. Thank you.

Marilyn Forsyth

Single-Skein Blankie

I love this blankie, I was so excited about it being a single skein. I bought 1 skein of yarn not paying attention to the oz. It's hard to find 16oz skein they only sell 7oz. So you need to buy 2 -3 skeins to finish the project. I love the foundation row because you can make it any size you want. I plan to make a shawl next out of this same pattern. I have made 2 blankies so far. I sell my crochet items at festivals so I'm starting a baby line this pattern will be used alot.

Large Skeins

If it helps, I have found several 16 oz. skeins at our local Wal-Mart.

Single-Skein Blankie/foundation row

The Foundation Row does not provide a number of chains to begin with, instead it goes directly into making a shell...this does not make sense to me. Please help?

foundation row

That's because it doesn't start with a long chain like other patterns may. Try following the pattern for the foundation row and what you're going to end up with is a long chain with what looks like half circles every 3 or 4 chains. Then when you turn to do Row 1 your foundation row guides where your shells will be.