July/August 2010

Sandy Bag

Post stitches and cotton yarn make this bag a tactile delight. Use it to tote beach necessities, or make it your everyday purse this season.
By Drew Emborsky

RED HEART Eco-Cotton Blend, 3oz/85g skeins, each approx 145yd/132m (recycled cotton/acrylic)
• 11 skeins #1340 Almond

• Size K/10.5 (6.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge
• Size G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

• 1 set 24"/61cm brown canvas purse handles
• 1 set magnetic purse snaps
• Yarn needle
• Stitch markers
• Sewing needle
• Thread to match handles


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I need This pattern

How or where to get the Sandy Bag pattern in this page.
Thank you

The pattern was published in

The pattern was published in the July/August issue of the magazine, you will need to buy the back issue. It is not available on the web. Call 800-865-7240 to order the back issue, if it is still in stock.


I finished the bag and I'm working on the lining now, but I am REALLY not getting it. It is so tightly stitched that the opening to the bag is pulled inward and there isn't enough slack to enable me to sew it. It seems odd to me to use a G hook when the rest of the project is size K. I'm counting the stitches in each round and marking them so I know I'm not skipping any. What am I doing wrong? I gauged the larger hook but not the smaller one, maybe I need to use a bigger hook for this part?

Sandy Bag FPdc

I totally don't get the instructions for the FPdc. I've tried it several times and I still end up with too many loops on the hook. Please help! I keep hoping there is a correction or something.

post stitches

Try watching this instructional video to see if it helps you get the hang of post stitches: http://www.crochettoday.com/how-to/post-stitches