November/December 2010

Pinwheel Afghan

Join-as-you-go triangles make up large pinwheel squares in this interesting blanket. The geometric design will never go out of style!
By Ann Regis

RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g skeins, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
• 3 skeins #365 Coffee (A)
• 1 skein #336 Warm Brown (B)
• 1 skein #334 Buff (C)

RED HEART Fiesta, 6oz/170g skeins, each approx 316yd/289m (acrylic/nylon)
• 4 skeins #6520 Celestial (D)
• 2 skeins #6335 Tapestry (E)

• Size J/10 (6mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Stitch markers
• Yarn needle

Approx 62”/157.5cm square


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I made this using different

I made this using different colors for my God daughters leukemia raffle& it turned out beautiful!!!

Problem with second triangle

I can't seem to figure this out, after slip stitch in ring I ch 3 the sl st in left side row 1 , done !..but when trying 2 do the 4 in ring it doesnot work I have been trying to figure this out 4 a week please help I can't seem to make the second triangle join correctly

The pattern says to join "to

The pattern says to join "to left of first triangle", but the diagram on p. 43 shows the 2nd triangle on the RIGHT side of the first triangle. So that is where I would join.

Pinwheel Afghan

Yes I have the same problem. Where can I find out how to join the second triangle. Thanks

can't find yarn

I really love this pattern. In the exact colors shown. Unfortunately, no local Michaels or Joanns have the Fiesta yarn. If I have to order it all online, this becomes a very expensive afghan.

Thanks. I'll order the next

Thanks. I'll order the next issue and hopefully it will be the right one!

Might be worth...

...phoning/emailing to double check - and to make sure they don't send out the same one again!

Confusion about issue

I really want to get my hands on this pattern so I ordered a one off subscription from (I live in the UK) for the current issue. My magazine arrived today but it does not appear to have this pattern or even the same cover as posted here. Instead, I have received the special gift issue.. Does this mean that this nov/dec issue is the next one that it out towards the end of Oct?


I'm a UK subscriber - but I subscribe directly with Crochet Today, and those subscriptions don't seem to include the special issues, so I don't get them. They seem to be themed compilations of patterns from previous issues though, and since I've subscribed since the 2nd issue, I'm not too worried about missing anything!

I just had a look at the site you used and it's displaying the gift issue as the 'current' copy they are sending out, and the Sept/Oct issue as the previous one, so I'd imagine the Nov/Dec one will be sent out next - it says the next one will be sent out end Oct which would fit.

Any queries you have though would have to be answered by the people at - not Crochet Today - as you have a subscription with them as a third party, you are not buying the magazine direct from CT. The CT team wouldn't know how are handling their subscriptions.

Hope you get the Nov/Dec issue soon though!