May/June 10

Lace & Pearls Necklace

Add crafty detail to your wedding ensemble in an elegant way with this stunning necklace. Fresh-water pearls lend a truly luxe touch.
By Marta Costa

AUNT LYDIA’S Classic Crochet Thread, Size 10, each ball approx 350yd/320m (cotton)
• 1 ball #226 Natural

• Size 8 (1.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• 15 rice-shaped fresh-water pearl beads, 5mm long, hole drilled through longest dimension
• Beading thread
• Beading needle
• 4 silver jump rings
• Two 5"/12.5cm lengths of silver necklace chain
• Jewelry clasp
• Pliers
• Thread needle

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knit and crochet

I like new patterns. Always looking.


Did you have any trouble making it lay flat?

try blocking

Try soaking the necklace until completely saturated with water, then let dry with something atop it to hold it flat. That should help it stay flat.

Lace & Pearls Necklace

NOt getting married nor is anyone I know getting married, but I loved the pattern. I did this necklace in pink with matching pearls and it came out wonderful. My sister wants me to try it next in black with white pearls.