July / August 2009

King Crab Comeback

An enormously retro floor cushion with kitschy flair and cuteness to spare gets a modern makeover.

By Regina Rioux Gonzalez

RED HEART Super Saver, (Economy Size) 7 oz/198g balls, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
• 6 balls #390 Hot Red (A)
• 2 balls #254 Pumpkin (B)
• 1 ball #312 Black (C)
• 1 ball #311 White (D)

Size L/11(8mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge


  • Stitch markers
  • Fiberfi ll
  • Pins
  • Yarn needle

body of crab Approx 24”/61cm diameter
legs Approx 19”/48.5cm long
claws Approx 23”/58.5cm long

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King Crab Comeback

Pattern Corrections

At the top of the page, there is a section "Corrections".


There is one notation for this pattern, which you can print out:

King crab comeback

There are a few typos in the round counts for the claws. See the corrections below in bold:

CLAW (make 2)
. . .
Rounds 5-10 Repeat Rounds 2-4 twice—16 sc.
Rounds 11-18 Ch 1, sc in each st around; join with sl st in first sc.
[all subsequent rounds should be renumberd accordingly.]

King crab claws

The instructions for the claws on the king crab must be wrong. I have done 35 rows of the 90 and there is no mention of increasing to have the claw look anything like a claw. If I was to follow the instructions the "leg" part of it will be twice as long as the legs before I increase.Can I please have the correct instructions for it.Surely others have had this same trouble.

Back orders

I thought the comment I put on here a few days ago would have been here to read, maybe I have come back to the site after it had been taken down? Never mind. I have put in a subscription for this great magazine I love all the novelty ideas in it. How do I get my hands on back issues?

ordering back issues

You can order back issues by calling 800-865-7240.

Back issues

It has been suggested that I phone for back issues. This would be costly as I live in Australia. Is there a way that I can receive the information by email please.I don't have any idea of how many issues I can still get.I am looking forward to my first issue by subscription as it is very hard to get them from my newsagent and I am only just getting one issue when the next issue is out.

buying back issues

There are online yarn shops that sell back issues--try yarnmarket.com. We're still in the process of putting our archive pattern previews on the web (for you to know what is in each issue), so stay tuned!

King crab

I posted the question regarding the pattern for the large crab and thought I may have had some help by now - even if only from the person who made the large crab. This is the first time I have used this website so please let me know if there is something else I should be doing, thank you

KIng crab

I must be doing something wrong with this site, how do I get help on these issues - or do people simply have to work things out themselves and if so what may I ask is the point of these comments? I have worked out the sizing problem but just like the other lady I am having trouble working out the instructions for the crab claws.

check the "corrections"

Check the Corrections section to see if your problem has been addressed. If not, please explain your problem in as much detail as possible and email the magazine at feedback @ crochettoday.com!

Stitch counts

I don't have the pattern in front of me, but if there is one stitch number after several rounds (i.e. "Rounds 6-10: sc and increase as specified (80sc)" that number is what you will have after the LAST round, in this case, after round 10 you will have 80sc.

Hope it helps a little