November/December 2010

Jolly St. Nick

Deck your halls with this cheery wall hanging of Santa himself!
By Regina Rioux

RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g balls, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
• 1 ball #0724 Baby Pink (A)
• 1 ball #0319 Cherry Red (B)
• 1 ball #0316 Soft White (C)
• 1 ball #0312 Black (D)

RED HEART Buttercup, 1¾oz/50g balls, each approx 72yd/66m (acrylic)
• 1 ball #4270 White (E)

• Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Stitch marker
• Yarn needle

Wall hanging measures approximately 15"/38cm tall and 15"/38cm wide


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Where are my magazines

I subscribed in July 2010 to have your magazine delivered to my Grandmother as a gift from me. It is now December 2010 and she still has not received any issues of her Crochet Today. She was so happy iniatially as she lives in Ireland and there are not many Crochet Magazines available here. Now I am wondering is she doubting me and my well intentioned gift to her???

Can someone please please contact me about this

Please contact Customer

Please contact Customer Service, they do not read blog posts. I am sure they will extend her subscription so she will receive all of the issues you paid for. Their phone is 800-805-0721 or email

Corrections page

I'm VERY disappointed in Crochet Today. I let them know of the issue with this pattern before I even posted it on this page. Here we are about 3.5 weeks later, with corrections posted for other patterns, and they've still not posted my correction on the corrections page where it should be. Why should subscribers bother mentioning corrections if they aren't going to be put on that page. Even though this error was easily spotted, and corrected, by a seasoned crocheter they can't assume that all readers/subscribers fall into that group.

Please send any corrections

Please send any corrections or comments to:


I'm making this pattern and have started the point of the hat. It says "with B, ch 1." Then Row 1 says "Sc in 2nd ch from hook." This can't be correct. In order to do row 1 as written you have to chain at least 2 in the starting chain.

St Nick

I love this pattern ~! ~! ~! My daughter's ex teacher is going to love this one. She will even know where it came from when she finds the item in her teacher's mailbox. She got a turkey last year for Thanksgiving day.

Where can I find that turkey?

Hey lolaisbk,
You say last year you made a turkey for your daughter's teacher. Where did you get the pattern? I've been getting crochet today for awhile and I don't remember it. If it's free please provide me with the site/link otherwise please let me know what book you got it out of. This was a little harder than I thought to make but it was still fun and worth the effort.