March/April 09

Itty Bitty Booties

These cute-as-a-button booties are perfect for keeping baby's tootsies toasty.

By Kathy North

RED HEART Soft Baby Steps, 5oz/142g balls, each approx 256yd/234m (acrylic)
1 ball each:
•  #9200 Baby Yellow
•  #9800 Baby Blue
NOTE: ONe ball of yarn will make several pairs of booties.

•  Size H/8 (5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

•  Two ½"/1cm diameter buttons (for button-strap style booties)
•  Sewing needle and thread
•  Stitch marker
•  Yarn needle



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These booties are really

These booties are really cute. I'm going to buy the yarn so I can make some for my step daughter.

Thank you. That was just my

Thank you. That was just my memory not working right. The mag is at home and I am at work. I will save your suggestions and try again tonight.

A friend at church commented

A friend at church commented that her group needed more baby booites. I tried to make these and had a hard time. The front sort of looked okay, but the heels didn't look like they would stay on. I couldn't quite figure out what the point of the marker was after counting the starting point. This was my first attempt at booties. I've been making afghans and scarfs for years and want to expand my "repertoire". I saw a comment in another place that a 2hdc is an increase, I thought it was a decrease. Is that were I went wrong?


We're sorry you had difficulty with this pattern!

The pattern does not use the abbreviations "2hdc" at all. It does use hdc2tog and sc2tog, which are defined in the Special Abbreviations--they're to half double crochet two stitches together or single crochet two stitches together, and are indeed a decreases.

The stitch marker is simply to help you find where to start the instep; you can remove it once you've identified the first stitch of the instep.

After working the sole and instep, you do a round around the heel and front of the bootie and while along the heel you perform 3 sc2togs in succession, which will draw the back of the heel in a bit.

for new baby

for the new baby