July/Aug 2009

Whimsical Watermelons


By Jennifer J. Cirka

RED HEART Designer Sport 3oz/85g balls, each approx 279yd/255m (acrylic)

  • 2 balls #3750 Girlie Pink (A)
  • 1 ball #3101 Ivory (B)
  • 1 ball #3620 Celadon (C)
  • 1 ball #3690 Bay Leaf (D)
  • 1 ball #3002 Black (E)

Size H/8 (5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge


  • Stitch Marker

blanket Approx 38”/96.5cm wide (at widest point) x 18”/45.5cm deep (from center ring to edge).
hat Approx 14 (16, 18)”/35.5 (40.5, 45.5)cm circumference (before brim)

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To find this pattern, purchase the July/Aug 2009 issue. If you have specific questions about this pattern, please email the editorial staff.

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Adorable Pattern!

I just completed this set and am elated with it. The pattern works up so quickly!! My daughter (Age 7) will be giving it to one of her girlfriends who will be turning 7 on August 14th. I'm so excited as the theme of the birthday party is watermelons! I love Crochet Today magazine. It's definitely worth the subscription price.

would like to make one

i would just like to know how i can get the pattern i really like it

back issues are in limited supply

This is from the July/August 09 issue, and you can try calling 800-865-7240 to purchase it.

But stay tuned! Due to the demand, we have placed this pattern in an upcoming special issue!

Most magazines show you the

Most magazines show you the patterns included in their issues on their websites. It's hardly good business to give all their patterns away for free.

It's a difficult thing to judge how in demand a particular issue may be. It's not a simple thing to just run off a few more issues, impossible in fact.

The kit from Herrschner's for $24.99 is more than just the pattern. It includes "Afghan and Hat kit includes Red Heart® Designer Sport™ yarn, a label for personalization, clear vinyl storage bag with zipper and book pocket, yarn needle, and easy crochet instructions."

I'm not sure why people come on here and complain that the magazine isn't giving their product away. Does any other magazine do that? No.

Thank you, Crochet Today. You have a great magazine, and it just gets better with each issue.

B from Canada

thank YOU B!

You're such a treat, coming in here and helping people or explaining things so patiently, when we get backed up with putting out the magazine and can't come here ourselves.

And yes, we don't give away our content for the very reasons you describe. Past issues are sometimes available, but we encourage people to subscribe--and save their issues so that they don't run into this problem in the future!

watermelon pattern

I refuse to buy the pattern for 24.00 dollars, why tease us by showing us the pattern and you run out of magazines . Was going to subscribe to the magazine but I changed my mind. If any of you find this pattern please share. Thanks

whimsical watermelons blanket

Anyone willing to share their pattern with me, I really would appreciate it. My e mail address is: www.phymaldarelli@aol.com

Thank you

watermelon pattern

I tried calling for the back order copy of Crochet Today magazine just to get the watermelon pattern, just my luck they no longer have any left. I wish they would have the pattern on line. Can anyone help me with this pattern, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.


Have you tried this link? It comes with the entire issue and everything you need. http://www.herrschners.com/Product/Whimsical+Watermelons+Hat+Afghan+Croc...

Hat problems

I am having trouble with the hat. Mine is coming out with a ruffled brim. I don't think I am doing anything wrong as the pattern is similar to a ruffled scarf I have made, but the picture doesn't show the hat that way. Can anyone help me?