July / August 2009

Dreamy Doilies Afghan

By Joyce Nordstrom

RED HEART Eco-Ways, 4oz/113g skeins, each approx 186yd/170m (acrylic/recycled polyester)

  • 8 skeins #1821 Blue Cloud

Size I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge


  • Yarn needle

Approx 52 ½”/133cm x 42”/106.5cm

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To find this pattern, purchase the July/Aug 2009 issue. If you have specific questions about this pattern, please email the editorial staff.

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Dreamy Doilies Afghan

How do I get this pattern after the magazine is off the shelves. I just bought my first Crochet Today magazine for november/december and I can't seem to get the pattern for this previous magazine for Dreamy Doilies Afghan.
Thank you,
Judi Adams
I am subscribed to the site as Threejays8.

ordering back issues

You can call 800-865-7240 to order this specific issue!

Made this thorw

I absolutely loved this pattern it made such a pretty addition to my living room....I used caron simply soft eco since I cant find red heart eco here in Hawaii

Hi Manon, I have this issue

Hi Manon,

I have this issue at home, but I haven't looked at this pattern in detail. It looks like there are 20 large motifs.

Usually, once you get to the second motif, you'd join using a slip stitch or single crochet as you are creating the motif, once you get to a "point" of one of the "petals". For example, say the petal has 2 sc, 1 dc, then 2 sc - once you've finished the dc, you would join to the other dc on the other motif using a slip stitch, then go back to the motif you are working on and continue with 2 sc. It looks like for each motif, you'd do 2-4 sets of four joinings. From the photo, it's hard to tell if there are small motifs joining in between or if there are some longer loops/chains on each motif that have been joined (at the point - or middle of the chain) to the others.

Hope this helps!

Dreamy Doilies Afghan assembly question

Hi there!
Im fairly new to crochet and i fell in love with this pattern. I know it's intermediate, but I like a challenge! Im french canadian, and im biligual, but it might increase the diffculty level for me.
So, I read all the instruction, even made the first motif, but the pattern does not say how many of each motifs we have to make.
It says: " Assemble motifs into 5rows of 4 motifs in each row working one-side joining or two-side joining as necessary"
Since there is 3 different motifs (first motif, two-side joining, one side-joining), i wonder how many of each I will have to make. And since they are all joined, what is the use of the first motif, without joining instruction?
I know there is nothing wrong with this pattern, it's just my inexperience showing, but i really love crochet and and this pattern is just to beautiful to let down. If any of you has made it already,or a similar project, I would be so grateful if you shared your experience with me!
Thanx for your help ladies!


Dreamy Doily Afghan

I don't have the magazine, with the pattern in it, yet, but, from the look of the photo, It appears that you make the same number of motif, and work them together, in every row.  It looks like it would be a challenge that I would like.  Kingmanrose@frontier.com