July/August 2010

Drapey Chains Necklace

Simple crochet chains are all it takes to whip up this cool necklace! Add it to any outfit for a pop of color that’s light as air to wear—bamboo thread gives it perfect drape.
By Linda Permann

AUNT LYDIA’S Bamboo Crochet Thread, Size 3, each ball approx 150yd/137m (viscose from bamboo)
• 1 ball #901 Pagoda Red

• Size E/4 (3.5mm) crochet hook

• Rustproof pins (for blocking)
• Thread needle


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I am doing this project right now and I dunno what blocking means? :(


Blocking is a crucial step in nearly all crocheting or knitting! It "sets" the stitches, removes any kinks, and can get the piece to the right dimensions. Many yarns actually change dramatically after being wet and dried--they become more drapey or they get a lot larger--so blocking a swatch is necessary to know that what you make will come out to the dimensions you want.