Jan/Feb 10

Downhill Earwarmer

Keep the icy breeze off your ears with this chic headband. Crocheted cables and tweedy yarn add tons of warmth and texture!
By Kim Kotary

RED HEART Artesano, 3½oz/100g balls, each approx 187yd/172m (acrylic/nylon)
• 1 ball #4376 Caribe

• Size J/10 (6mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• ¾”/2cm button
• Sewing needle and matching thread
• Yarn needle

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I see all these comments about the difficulty of it.
Do you think it is worth spending the money for the pattern
and then not being able to accomplish it

Downhill Earwarmer

I found the pattern easy to follow and the one I made turned out awesome, my daughters love it and their friends all want one to.

Thanks for sharing.

Has anyone made this yet?

I hope there are corrections for this pattern because I really want to make it. I have never in my years of crochet been defeated by a pattern but I just can't get things to line up. Has anyone finished this project succesfully?

Ear warmer

I also have tried to do this pattern. I have torn it out numerous times. I have tried following the written pattern and the chart and it has defeated me both ways.


I made this twice. The first time it was HUGE and ridiculous and I hated it..the second time I made it, it turned out perfect. And I love it love it love it!

I would suggest using a smaller hook than the pattern says first of all so that the thing doesn't take over your head. Where are you getting confused?

where i'm getting confused

No matter what I did I couldn't get the raised lines (that look like ribbing) to line up. I was hoping that there was a misprinted number in the pattern or something. Did you use the line by line instuctions or the chart? I have never actually used a chart before and was trying to follow the line by line. If it worked for you I will pick it back up, I just didn't want to pull out AGAIN if it was a pattern issue.

I've never worked from a

I've never worked from a chart pattern either...and first it totally confused me and the ribbing didn't line up. I was missing a ribbing at first. I believe there is a mistake in the pattern but if you look at the chart and the picture you can make it work once you make it past the 8th row it's just the same thing over and over again. Try this:

Use an H hook
Complete Rows 1 through 3 as written. (This Begins your cable)once you get to the 4th row you are going to begin your ribbing.
Ch2 turn hdc FPdc around next stch hdc in next stitch then you should be at your cable. Finish your cable stitches.
From that point on you are going to increase your rows with hdc's.
Every other row you will add another ridge.

Essentially your rows should look like this looking at the front.
Row 9>hdc bpdc hdc bpdc hdc bpdc hdc cable hdc bpdc hdc bpdc hdc bpdc hdc
Row 8>ch2 fpdc hdc Fdpc hdc fpdc hdc cable hdc fpdc hdc fpdc hdc fpdc hdc
Row 7>>>>hdc hdc Bpdc hdc bpdc hdc cable hdc bpdc hdc bpdc hdc ch2
Row 6>>>>>>>>ch2 Fpdc hdc Fpdc hdc cable hdc Fpdc hdc Fpdc hdc
Row 5>>>>>>>>>>>>hdc hdc bpdc hdc cable hdc bpdc hdc ch2
Row 4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ch2 Fpdc hdc Cable hdc Fpdc hdc

Sometimes you will find you will have to add hdc's where it seems like your adding a stitch where it doesn't belong, but it belongs there...the bpdc's throw the stitch count off.

Repeat Row 9 until the piece is long enough to reach from the back of your neck across your forehead and covers both ears.
Then decrease in the opposite pattern as above until you reach
hdc cable hdc
repeat until long enough to reach the back of your neck.
I hope this helps! Let me know if I'm not being clear.

This pattern is Utterly Incomprehensible. Ahh!

I know what you mean.. I can read patterns and do alot of crocheting and I thought it was just me.. I just can't get this pattern.. I have the yarn and the button, was so excited about making this, but now I am going to have to figure out something different... =(

This pattern is Utterly Incomprehensible. Ahh!

This pattern was clearly written after someone had several glasses of wine. I can crochet and I can read patterns. This reads like something found on a generic website. I'm so disappointed. I purchased a beautiful button for the back clasp,and am frustrated I won't be using it. Ahh!!!

If anyone had better luck with it... please enlighten me. :)

Several Glasses of wine

I don't drink wine but I would be happy to help you learn the techniques used in this pattern.