September/October 2012

Dinosaur Hat

Craft up a cute costume for Halloween or just a fun fall hat with this easy topper. Get matching mitts in the Sept./Oct. 2012 issue.

by Regina Rioux

RED HEART Soft Baby Steps, 5oz/142g skeins, each approx 256yd/234m (acrylic)
• 1 skein #9700 Baby Pink (A)
• 1 skein #9800 Baby Blue (B)
• 1 skein #9620 Baby Green (C)

• Size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Yarn needle

FREE! Just click on the PDF link below to download the pattern.


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This is only a preview of the

This is only a preview of the pattern available in the September/October 2012 issue, so you can see the yarn and ensure you have the necessary supplies. If you have specific questions about this pattern, please. inicio sesion hotmail

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I am having so much trouble with the spikes. I don't quite understand what it is asking me to do!

Any clarification?

Dino Hat

I'm having a hard time with the spikes also. The hat is done but I got frustrated with trying to place and sew the spikes on.

I've found the bast way is to

I've found the best way is to place the center spike over the beginning round of the hat, then line the rest of the spikes up from there. If you have locking stitch holders, use them to "clip" the spikes in place until you have them lined up and you're happy with the look. Then go back and stitch them in place. Hope that helps!

That's a good tip! Also, it

That's a good tip!

Also, it might help to know that when the instructions say:

"With right side of one spike facing, join with sc in ch-2 sp at lower corner of spike to work along lower edge..."

The "lower edge" is the bottom of the spike (not the lower edge of the hat).

i am a beginner and i have

i am a beginner and i have taught my self how to crochet on the hats how to i make them bigger? i really need suggestions cause i am so lost. thank you

It's easy!

You'll love how easy this is. Just keep increasing for a couple more rows (after the point in the pattern where now, you'd work the same number of stitches for a few rows, to make the body of the hat). This will make the crown of the hat wider, which will make the whole hat bigger. 

Your other option is to work with a thicker yarn and a bigger hook, which will also make the hat larger. Either will work, though the effect is a little different with each. 

Good luck, and show us your work when you're done! We love to help people get started with crochet! :)