July/August 2010

Cushion Renovation


We re-create a pom-pom pouf in the perfect yarn.
By Linda Cyr

RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g skeins, each appro 364yd/333m (acrylic)
•  2 skeins #505 Aruba Sea (A)

RED HEART Pomp-a-Doodle, 3.5oz/100g skeins, each approx 54yd/50m (polyester)
•  2 skeins #9940 Shoreline (B)

•  Size K/10.5 (6.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

•  2 pounds polyester fiberfill
•  Stitch marker
•  Yarn needle


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Cushion renovation

I also am having a problem with crocheting the pom poms on....Once I made the pillow itself and stuffed it, the shape is perfect. After I went through 2 skeins of the pom poms, I still have about half of the pillow to go. It also looks like a cone instead of a flatter top. I've counted my stitches correctly. So I have no idea what I'm doing wrong...I'm also not a fan of the pom pom yarn because they don't look like "balls" its very flat.


Okay, I found out what I did wrong....The pom pom step needs to say something that you also need to skip a round as you are going around the top of the pillow. I ended up using a little less than two skeins. It also turn out flatter, and not a cone. Too bad we can't post pictures. :(


I am having a hard time making this. every time i go over the cushion with the pom-pom yarn the top ends up in a cone shape, like it creates too much fabric. i've made sure to do my slip stitches really loose and even skip more than one stitch and even rows. so far, after three tries it just does not lay flat like in the picture.

any suggestions???

similar problems

i had a hard time getting the dome shape after stuffing (i used the exact amount of stuffing the pattern called for) and am getting a slight cone-shape.

another problem is that i'm almost done and have used FOUR skeins of pomp rather than two, and mine does look like much more than in the picture. i counted my rows and stitches around in my base...what the?!

I have the same issue, I

I have the same issue, I think it may not be stuffed enough. That's my only guess, although if I stuff it anymore it pushes the bottom out and I have a ball pillow instead of a dome shaped one. Maybe it just needs to be shaped a little?

working with pom-pom

if you are having problems with crocheting with the pom-pom yarn you can go to youtube.com and they have a video tutorial on how to use this yarn. Just type in pomp a doodle and it will come up! You crochet the yarn between the poms.

cushion renovation

I love these pillows cannot wait to start one. Great job!!!!

Cushion Renovation

I love this pillow. My 5 yr old saw the picture in the magazine and decided that I just had to make it. It was a success. I am an expert in crochet and found the directions for adding the pom pom yarn a bit confusing. I figured it out and the pillow looks great. I suggest using a magic loop to start your ring so that you won't have a hole after it stretches a bit with stuffing. Thank you for this fun pattern.