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Courtside Booties

Tiny baby feet will look adorable in these too-cute booties inspired by high-top sneakers. They're so quick you can make a pair in every color!

By Donna Childs

RED HEART Designer Sport, 3oz/85g skeins, each approx 279yd/255m (acrylic)
• 1 skein in color of choice #3815 Dutch Blue, #3620 Celadon, #3215 Lemon Zest, #3570 Iced Violet, #3650 Pistachio, #3251 Melon
• 1 ball #3101 Ivory

RED HEART Lustersheen, 4oz/113g skeins, each approx 335yd/306m (acrylic)
• 1 skein #2 Black

Crochet hook
• Size E/4 (3.5mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Safety pins
• Yarn needle



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Courtside Booties

Would like to make these, but I cannot access the pattern. Where is the pattern?

This is a Pattern Preview for

This is a Pattern Preview for a pattern that was printed in an older issue. It is not longer available from the publisher, sorry.

Need Help....

Can anyone help with this pattern? I'm more than half way done with these booties and I'm stuck on the upper/toe joining. For some reason I can't seem to get this part. Seems a bit confusing. Maybe it will be one of those 'light bulb moments.' Any help would be appreciated.

cortside booties

I couldn’t help but notice others are having trouble with this bootie pattern. I first saw it on the TV show at that time called “Knit and Crochet Today” on episode 216. The pattern can be downloaded there. I was hoping there might be a video of the project, and I think there will be soon, but I also know the show is a labor of love and the good folks putting it together are struggling valiantly to produce the show and make the planned improvements to the site, so this project might need to be put aside for a bit, I’m pretty sure there will be another baby sometime down the road, and this one already got a blanket.

courtside booties

I am looking for the pattern for these booties that were in Sept/october 2007 issue. If anyone would be so kind to email me these instructions I would appreciate it so much.I tried to order a back issue and were unable to do so.My email address is mickeyowl2@aol.com Again I would so appreciate if anyone could do this for me. Thanks again

Would look good im my shop

This is so cute and would look so cute in my shop Mistyscrochet.etsy.com

courtside booties

were is the pattern or were cant iget it

ordering back issues

This pattern is in the Sept/Oct 2007 issue. To order that specific issue, call 800-865-7240 or look for it online.

friendship shawl W1714

i'm new to crocheting and i'm just relying on patterns........i've tried to follow the pattern for this shawl BUT for some reasons the numbers of stitches made are not the same as the one the pattern is giving. if you could pls. help me by giving me an illustrated pattern that i can visualize the written one. i appreciate your help and consideration regarding this........the shawl is for a cancer-striken office mate. thank you.

Need Help

Is there any visual pattern available for these booties? I'm having a difficult time with the sole and edging.