November/December 2010

Cabled Mitts

A beautiful V-shaped cable accents these fingerless gloves—stitched in alpaca yarn, they’re pure bliss. Make them for someone special on your list.
By Brenda K. B. Anderson

STITCH NATION Alpaca Love, 3oz/85g balls, each approx 132yd/121m (wool/ alpaca)
• 1 or 2 balls #3240 Orchid
Note Pictured mitts required 1 ball of yarn, with less than 4yd/3.5m remaining. We recommend purchasing 2 balls of yarn to ensure enough yarn for a gauge swatch and mitts, without need to unravel the gauge swatch.

• Size G/6 (4 mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge

• Yarn needle

Mitts measure approx 7½"/19cm long, 8½"/21.5cm circumference at finger edge, and 7¼"/18.5cm circumference at wrist edge.
Note Mitts will fit most women and teens.

16 sts and 18 rows = 4"/10cm over single crochet worked in back loops only.
Remember to check gauge for best results!


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love them, with a few adjustments

I have made two pairs. I agree they are a little big in the fingers so I deleted one of the rows with 12 sc and 15 hdc. They were also a little big for me so I also did two less sc rows (when it calls to do 11 rows of sc into the back loop I only did 9). With these changes thy fit me perfect and I cant' WAIT to give them away as gifts. Pattern was very easy to follow!!!

Absolutely Amazing

I love these gloves! I think they are the perfect gift...I just finished a pair in silver for a cousin. Then I have other colors awaiting! I do find they are a little big on the finger end but not enough for me to dislike them.

Oh and btw the first time I tried it I noticed half way down the seaming row that I had it inside out, I just unraveled the sl sts and folded it the other way...they came out fine for me!

I don't know, I'm now making

I don't know, I'm now making my 5th pair and they are left and right just like the pattern says.

which hand?

I just finished the 'left' mitt, which has turned out to be the right. and if i'm reading correctly the 'right' mitt will be the left?

other than that i love these!! i making a pair for my cousins. 2 yarns that are finer than the yarn called for and it looks amazing!

Love the Gloves.....With fur added

I'm addicted to these gloves - have made four pairs already and when i knew I could manage the pattern starting adding beads and yesterday made a pair in black and added a trim of fur around the finger end...even if I say so myself they are fantastic....Please supply more patterns for items like these......Orla

Mine came out right and left

Mine came out right and left according to the pattern. I think it has to do with how you read the chevron rows. Although when I made my second one (the right one) I got distracted and read it backwards, thus making another left one.


What does it mean in Row 1 when it says "working in back bars"?

Back loops

Look down at your chain (or the edge of your crocheted fabric when you are working into back bars of later rows of crochet) so you have the little Vs of each stitch looking up at you.

At the start of each single crochet stitch (or after yarn-overing for half double crochet stitches), instead of inserting your hook from front to back under both sides ('bars') of each V like you normally would, insert the hook under the back bar only (ie. from the middle of the V, to the back, under one loop of yarn only, not two), and carry on the rest of the crochet stitch as normal.

Love the gloves

Is it me or is the pattern backwards? The mag says do left mitt first . However, when following the pattern it came out to be the right mitt.

Left or right?

I love these too - they are easy to make and my first go at crochet cables, so will be remade multiple times for Christmas presents this year!

I get the same problem, with the left mitt being the right and vice versa - but I expected this as I taught myself to crochet left-handed and as a result patterns usually come out back-to-front if there's a left and a right component. Usually it's not a problem, like here, and if it is, I read the pattern the other way around and/or use the stitch diagram to make sure I'm adapting it right.