Sept/Oct 09


Tin Can Tune-Up, page 14

The definition for the treble cluster (tr-cl) is incorrect. See fix below, in bold.

tr-cl (treble cluster) *yarn over twice, insert hook in next st, yarn over and draw up a loop, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] three times*; repeat from * to * once more in same st; repeate from * to * twice in next st; yarn over and draw through all 5 loops on hook.



Raspberry Beret, page 57
Round 18 in the written instructions is incorrect. To match the diagram, it should read:

Round 18 Ch 3, dc in next dc, dc in each ch and dc around; join with sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch-3—50 dc.



Perfect Fall Cardi

I have just finished the yoke. I am making size 8. The entire yoke has a dramatic decrease and when I look at the front it doesn't look right and does not look like the picture. I keep looking at the pattern and counting the ending stitches for some of the rows. I believe I did it correctly. Is there an error in the pattern concerning size 8? Is there supposed to be a dramatice decrease in the front where the buttons are supposed to go? Help!! I need to finish this thing... it's my first sweater ever. I am very discouraged.

fall cardi

I also am having problems with the yoke of the cardi. I'm doing the size 6, but I cannot get the correct number of stitches on the first row (connecting the sleeves). How can I end up with more stitches in this row than the previous row when there are numerous hdc2tog? I count my rows obsessively when I make clothes- I have no idea what went wrong.

Update! I finally was able to get the help of an "Expert" crocheter and figured out my problem. I was attaching the sleeve using the underarm as the bridge, but I needed to barely attach the sleeves while doing the yoke and sew the seams later. Silly me! With no sewing background, clothes are a little tough for me. But I finished it! How do I post a picture of my work?


I subscribed to your magazine and promptly received the July/August issue, then I received the November/December issue. What happened to the September/October issue? I would like to receive all the issues I have paid for. Sincerely, Suzanne, #FCT0097425177/9#

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Capelet Swing Cardi

I'm confused! I made my swatch - came out perfectly. When figuring the inches for the capelet, the numbers do not add up correctly. If I chain 56 for the beginning, it will not equal 30 inches as the diagram shows on page 55. Has anyone else commented about the guage? I need help! I have been crocheting for many years and this is unusual for me to need help. I am also teaching my sister-in-law to crochet and we are making twin Capelet Swing Cardi's as her first project. Can you imagine how stupid I feel when I can't explain this problem? Thanks for your help. Virginia

Raspberry Beret

Row 18 instructions say Ch2 and then hdc in next dc......but according to the diagram row 18 is ch 3 and then dc in next dc. Could you please tell me which is correct?

Thanks *Valerie*

good catch!

Best to follow the diagram! I will update the errata.

Stellar Motif Tunic

In the instructions for the First Stellar Motif, Round 3, "*(3 hdc, picot, 2 hdc, ch3, 3 hdc, picot, 2 hdc)", is this correct?  In appears to me in the photos that the 2hdc should be centered around the ch3.

Maple Leaf Afghan

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this afghan?  I have no idea how to join the squares/motifs.