November-December 2012

North Pole Blanket

Oops! We apologize for the production error in the November/December 2012 issue. You may have noticed that page 54 was printed in error (it's actually a reprint of page 58). Download the correct page 54 here to finish your North Pole Blanket. Again, we are very sorry for the error!

Correction, page 52:
Round 2
Slip stitch in next ch-1 space (not ch-2 space).

Miss Moneypenny Purse

You need a 3.5-inch metal frame (not 8.5-inch, as listed in the pattern). These are available from many online sources, including this etsy shop. Here is another frame style that should work.

Girlfriend Cowl

What You'll Need Color E should be #550 Dahlia, not #500 Tropical.

Solstice Tote

Bag Base, pg 76 The color letters are reversed, so the Bag Base and Handle should be made with B, Super Saver. The Ruffles should be made with A, Boutique Sashay. (The color letters are correct in the What You'll Need list on pg. 75.)



I have one of the maginzine from 2011, which you could down load on moble. I just can across the picture and would love to make it . It's call Lancaster Quit and it's beautyfull and it crochet with different stitches.

Yes, the Lancaster Quilt in

Yes, the Lancaster Quilt in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue has been very popular! Here's a picture of it:

And that back issue can still be purchased as a PDF download here:

crochet today poinsetta afghan pattern

I have tried this pattern which says "Round two: the end says "do 3 times & end with 40 stitches."
I don't know how to do it and end up with 40 stitches.

Hi Phyllis, repeat just the

Hi Phyllis, repeat just the section inside the square brackets three times (not the entire row).

That section says:
[change to B, 2 dc in next st, dc in next st, 2 dc in next st; change to C, dc in next st, 3 dc in next st, dc in next st].

After working the entire round, you should have 40 double crochet stitches.

Gold Fingerless gloves

Loved the glove pattern but as usual, my upper arm is larger than the pattern so I switched to a larger hook for the last 12 stitches on the upper ribbing sections. It worked out well and didn't compromise the look. I love theses gloves!! Thanks for the pattern.

Hello Winna, that sounds like

Hello Winna, that sounds like an excellent way to adjust the pattern! Thanks for sharing it with us.

For help with the Cluster

For help with the Cluster stocking, please send email to, and our editors will be glad to help! There is a Cluster tutorial in the How-To section of our website that may be useful, as well.

Blue note scarf

Is there any way to get a video of how the pattern is worked? I am just not sure how to work row three with the clothes line.

Hi Ingrid, You are working

Hi Ingrid, You are working the single crochet OVER the cord, encasing it with yarn. It's the same way that you work INTO a ring.

OK That makes sense. I have

OK That makes sense. I have another question. I says to cover cord end with yarn. Does it mean whip stitch or something else?