March/April 09

Lacy Cropped cardI, Page 20
There is an error in the GAUGE SWATCH instructions. They should say:

...Resulting gauge swatch should measure approx 5" x 3 3/4"/12.5 x 9.5cm...

Note: The yarn used in this pattern (Moda Dea Bamboo Wool) is light and fluid, which makes it easier to achieve a tighter gauge than with a heavier or stiffer yarn. If you are substituting yarn, you may need to go down a hook size or two to get gauge.

Weekend Pullover, Page 43
The stitch diagrams for 'PATTERN IN ROWS' and 'PATTERN IN ROUNDS' do not match the instructions. However, the written instructions are correct and we suggest you follow them exclusively. It's an hdc pattern stitch, not a single crochet in back loops pattern. Only Row 1 is worked in sc.

Ruffled Bottom Onesie, Page 92
There is an error in Row 2, following "divide for front". The change is in bold:

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in first st,...   



Lacy Lilac Blanket - How to join motifs

Hi, I need help to understand how to join the motifs. I know how to make the motifs, but am confused as to how to join them as I go, despite reading the directions multiple times. Thanks, Cathy

Lacy cropped Cardi

HI! I am working on the Lacy Cropped Cardi from the March/April 09 issue. I was having trouble with my gauge swatch until I saw the correction listed here. I just finished the "divide for right front" section and I'm wondering if the measurements listed are off? At the end of the previous section I had 17" instead of 16", and now at the end of the divide section I have 24" instead of 21". I thought that maybe since the gauge swatch calculations were misprinted maybe these were as well? I should note that I am using Mode Dea Beadnick and a G hook, and my gauge swatch was accurate with the corrected measurements.

Lacy Cardi Yarn Substitutes?

I'm thinking of making this Cardi and noticed that Moda Dea yarns are being discontinued. Is there a comparable Yarn substitute (in any Brand), both in Weight and Content (and/or drapability)?

Mar/Apr 09 issue: Angular Granny Throw

Hi. I'm looking through this issue for a pattern that calls for an "N" hook. I bought the hook, but I can't locate a pattern in this issue. Is there one? While looking, I noticed on p. 70 that the hook size for the Angular granny throw is "1/9 (5.5 mm.)" Shouldn't that be "I"/9? Just curious. Thanks so much for a wonderful magazine! I love it and take it everywhere I go!


I just checked the magazine and that is the weirdest typo I've seen yet! Yes, it means an I/9. Don't know why someone decided to make it a fraction like that.

As for the N hook, no, it seems no pattern in that issue called for an N.

Mar/Apr 09 Issue

Can you tell me how to get the Mar/Apr 09 Issue?  Thanks, Pat Gorman

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