July/Aug 2009


King crab comeback

There are a few typos in the round counts for the claws. See the corrections below in bold:

CLAW (make 2)
. . .
Rounds 5-10 Repeat Rounds 2-4 twice—16 sc.
Rounds 11-18 Ch 1, sc in each st around; join with sl st in first sc.
[all subsequent rounds should be renumberd accordingly.]


flippy the fish, page 81

At the end of FIN EDGING the pattern states to Fasten Off, leaving a long tail for sewing. The long tail for sewing should be left at the beginning of FIN (MAKE 2). According to the picture the sewing is done with yarn (B) pumpkin not yarn (A) parakeet.

Current Issue Funky Filet Bag

The instructions indicate the diagram for rnds 14-30 are on page 38. Diagram for rnds 1-12 are there but not 14-30. I am new at this, what am I missing?

I'm not familiar with that pattern

What is the issue date exactly for it?

Summer by the Sea Shell Correction query

Summer by the Sea Shell
I am currently making the 1x size and am up to"Close Front Neck"on pg.25.
The patern states that after the joining for size 1x there is 13 shells.However this can not be correct.
Upon the completion of the "First Front"the pattern states there is a total of 6 shells,as is the same with the "Second Front".(this is correct)
So upon the joining of the First and Second Front for size 1x by following the pattern under "Next Row" on pg.25, gives you 14 shells, not 13.
Can someone please confirm this discovery.


I forwarded your question to our tech editor, and you are correct, the st count should be 14 shells for size 1X, as follows:

close front neck (sizes S (1X, 3X) only)
note Sizes S (1X, 3X) will connect the fronts into one continuous row here. Sizes XS (M, L, 2X) will close the front neck during the join body step. For size S, continue with loop on hook. For sizes 1X (3X) return to first front, place loop on hold at armhole edge back onto hook.

Next Row Ch 3, turn, 2 dc in first dc, work even in pattern across front section, end with shell in top of turning ch, ch 1, shell in first dc at neck edge of other front, work even in pattern across front section, end with shell in top of turning ch—11 (14, 16) shells.

"Dancing Doilies"

I'm not sure if this will get seen, since many of these comments are months old, but I've discovered a disconnect between the written instructions and the blueprint pattern. On round 4 of Dancing Doilies the written instructions call for* (hdc/2/hdc) yet the blueprint shows the symbols as a V-stitch (dc/1/dc). I haven't finished that round yet so I'm not sure of the error's impact on the finished product.

Hope this helps anyone who might have had a question about that!

Update: I made a correction to my original post (at *); have since finished the doily and it turns out fine following the written instructions. Recommend anyone who prefers working from the blueprint check out the written instructions first.

Summer by the Sea Shell (pictured on the cover of this issue)

I'm having a problem with the beginning yoke instructions for this pattern. The stitches(shells) are going in the opposite direction of the stitches in the photo! I think I'm following the directions correctly. Please help!
This is such a lovely design, and I really want to crochet it! The directions seem confusing to me.

Summer by the Sea Shell

jszeter, if you go to the page for this pattern:


there's been some discussion about it. There's also been posted a link to the pattern on Ravelry.

B from Canada


Thank you for your help on this pattern, now I know where to go for help on these things. I am having trouble getting this magazine from my newsagent and would like to subscribe. I love your novelty items in it. Is there any way of finding some back orders please. Also do you ever have patterns for trunian crochet?

ordering back issues

You can order back issues by calling 800-865-7240! Thanks for your interest in Crochet Today!