Jan/Feb 09


Lumberjack hat, Page 24
For the RIGHT EARFLAP for the exterior hat body, Row 8 should be

Row 7 (8) Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in next 4 (6) sts, sc2tog—6 (8) sc.



Frosted waves sweater, Page 58-59
There were several errors in the raglan armhole and neck shapping for size L only. For corrections, please see highlighted text in this PDF.

Advice from Designer: When setting in sleeves, only seam to just before top of wave on either side of neck opening.


Layering Cardi, Page 32
See below for corrections to Row 1 of the yoke; it should begin as follows: 


Row 1 Ch 2, work 2 hdc evenly along edge of front band, work 1 hdc in each st of front . . .



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Fuzzy Boot Slippers

The pattern calls for 1 ball of Red Heart Super Saver. I made the slippers and using two(2) strands like the pattern calls for, there is not way to make two boots from one ball of yarn. It takes one ball for one boot.

Did you buy the smaller ball

Did you buy the smaller ball of Super Saver? It comes in two sizes, and the larger balls are about twice the size of the smaller ones.