Welcome to the Crochet Today blog!

(Both images courtesy of crochet artist Joana Vasconcelos.)

We’re so excited to finally have the brand-new Crochet Today blog up and running!

Sometimes editing a magazine can feel like a one-way street. We toil away at our computers, submerged in our world of yarn, crochet, ideas and execution—doing our best to put together a magazine that we think our readers will enjoy and find useful.

But we really never get to talk directly to you. And worse yet, there’s such a long time lag in between when we complete an issue and when it actually reaches your hands, that it's easy to feel disconnected from what we're working on and what you're actually reading.

That’s why we're so excited to have this new forum, where we can post whenever we like, about anything we like! So, we hope you'll add our blog to your regular reading list, and check back often for posts on:

  • What’s inspiring us
  • Crochet news
  • Behind the scenes at Crochet Today
  • Corrections on patterns
  • Extra help on tricky patterns
  • How-to’s
  • Videos
  • Issue previews
  • Pattern sneak peeks
  • And more!

We’re looking forward to using this space as a place to talk to you, and for you to talk to us. So leave us lots of comments here on the blog – or anywhere else on the site. You can now comment on each project in the magazine, so please, post comments to patterns that you like, or that you’re making, or that you want to make! We want to hear what you think, and what you're up to.

Here's to a whole new world of Crochet Today! It's going to be off the hook!



Add on the back of current issue

I picked up an issue of crochet today and ended up subscribing because I thougth that the Fillegree Cardigan on the back of this issue was in the issue. Not so. Now I am trying to find the pattern. Can anyone help me???

back ads on the magazine

There are always ads on the back of this (and really, all) magazines. This was for a pattern being offered in a Stitch Nation booklet. You can find it online, as indicated in the ad:


Taken over by spammers!!!!!!!!

Perhaps it's time to close the "comments" function down...if there's no one to stay on top of the spammers, and delete/block them.

Maybe a forum set-up would be easier to control? But there still needs to be a dedicated admin/moderator team in place.

Lovely magazine, website needs some re-tooling though.

B from Canada

Spam cleaned up

Hope that helps!

Left Handed Crochet

I have your first season saved on my DVR, which I am still hoping you will get onto DVD for purchase, I've bought the new season DVDs and I am anxiously awaiting for the third season to start running here in the Chicago area. My only issue is never have you had a show dedicated to left handed crochet.

I have now started watching watching YouTube to learn certain stitches, however I've yet to figure out the Crab Stitch or Backward stitch. For right handers they are told to go from left to right, which is how as a left hander I automatically do. I've tried going left to right using my right hand, but it is labor intensive and never seems to look like it should.

I realize you have finished all season 3 programs, but perhaps you could start showing videos in your "how-to" tab and throw in some steps for us lefties!


crochet thread (20 DMC) twists(kinks) TERRIBLY

I can't do more than 4 double crochets in a row without my crochet thread twisting (kinking). I'm using DMC Cébélia 20 weight cotton thread. I've made dollies before without having this problem. What gives? I've tried using the thread from inside and outside the skien. no difference in twist (kink). At this rate, I will never finish the dolly. Can anyone help me?

new subscriber

This is my favorite crochet magazine!! I had been purchasing it at our local supermarket, but it does not appear to be available any more. THe past few months I have not been able to find it. Finally broke down and subscribed. I want to make sure I get the Jan/Feb issue when it comes in 6-10 weeks. Will I get that issue or will being a subscriber allow me to get patterns from that issue? Thanks. Keep up the great work!

Current Issue

I'm also having trouble finding crochet today in stores. I tried Broaders and 2 local craft stores that always carried it before. I decided to subcribe, but I don't want to wait 6-10 weeks to get an issue. My daughter really wants me make the barbie doll outfit showned in the new issue.

if you just subscribed

it is likely that you will get the Jan/Feb issue, which is out now. If you don't, you'll have to call to order it specifically; being a subscriber can't get you back issues any more readily.

Where do I begin?

My name pretty much says it all, I am a newbie when it comes to crocheting or knitting, but heres my deal, I am a beginner, where do I start?? I want to learn so bad, I told myself that will be my new years resolution, to be knitting by the end of the year, but I told my hubby I wan to be able to be knitting before New Years, is it possible? I come from a family of crocheters, they make blankets, barbie clothes very talented, but they all live a few hours from me, so I can't just sit down and have them help me. Its in my blood, I have a passion for this, but where do I start?? What needles do I start with, which yarn is the best to start with, I need help, so if there is anybody out there to give me some tips or help on getting started I would really appreciate it so much!!!