Warm and Fuzzy Wednesday: Guinea Pig Edition

Cute Overload is the absolute best! They can be depended upon for cuteness, nearly all of it animal related. 

Today I discovered the wonderful photographer Pyza, who loves to capture terrific images of her tiny pets. Her guinea pig Balbinka has quite an extensive wardrobe, including some crochet!

Here Balbinka looks ready for a New Year's Eve party!

Have you ever crocheted clothes for your pet? Do you have photos? We'd love to see!


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Amazing creativity!

Who knew you could make guinea pigs even cuter than they already are? :) I especially like the bonnet (here) and the chick hat and crocodile suit (seen via the links). I haven't made my three guinea pigs anything crocheted--they would eat yarn. But in response to this, I posed two of them with a couple of Crochet Today projects, and also uploaded several pages of a yarn-related guinea pig story I wrote/illustrated. It's SO neat to find out there are other crocheters who love piggies.


I like little

I like little Guinea pigs they look consequently cute...

So cute!

I just saw this post and I just ADORE these pictures. I have guinea pigs my self and have made them a few little outfits.

Here is a link to the album showcasing some of the items I have made for my piggies :-)

Mel of Mel's Crocheted Creations



So many piggies have fabulous crocheting humans! Doing these posts has been a wonderful way to get to see more and more cute animals. :) 

How cute!

I had a guinea pig when I was young, and he was this mild mannered. So cute, and it makes me miss my little winnies!!


Alessandra, those are fantastic! Adorable models, and fabulous pictures. I don't know which I like more, the Dr. Seuss set or the Easter pose!


Thanks so much for the compliment. :)