Vintage Red and White Crochet

Seems like I've been noticing a lot of red and white vintage crochet lately. Like the afghan that was laid over a table at an antique market, underneath other vintage items. Here's a closeup:

Some vintage pieces are made with unusual materials, like ribbon gathered up to make flower petals and then joined together with crochet in this pretty doily (and a closeup):

These two red and white potholders (below) caught my eye because of the unusual techniques used in them. The square was crocheted of white thread, then red crocheted strips were woven through the holes and a red shell border added. The hexagon-shaped potholder on the right is double-sided, so if I pull up on the top loop, the layers separate. Such cleverness!

Have you found any unusual crochet objects lately, or noticed a red and white trend? Please send pictures to, we'd love to see them!

--Marina Salume, Crafting Editor