Vintage Crochet Reading

Vintage crochet books are another one of my passions, and once you start looking, you'll find them everywhere. These three have become part of my library lately:
"My Grandmother Taught Me to Crochet" by Vanessa Ann, published in 1991 (Meredith Press), includes patterns with that sweet, old fashioned look. Remember the red and white "woven" potholder I showed in a previous blog? Well, there's an afghan in this book that uses the same idea, called Trailing Trellis.
"Crochet and Creative Design" by Annette Feldman (1973, Harper & Row) does not include clothing or blanket patterns, instead it offers a complete stitch dictionary so you can choose a stitch and design your own. There's a large section of motif patterns, also, all shown in black and white photos.
"Crocheted Lace" by Pauline Turner (2003, Martingale) is an excellent reference for filet and Irish crochet, motifs, and special stitches like Solomon's Knot. Don't you love those lacy gloves on the front cover? I found this book at the public library.
What are your favorite vintage crochet books? Send email to letters@crochettoday.

--Marina, Crafting Editor