Ultimate Guide to Crocheting for the Men in Your Life

Ultimate Guide to Crocheting for the Men in Your Life
Ideas and free patterns to make for partners, sons, and soldiers.

By Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

As women, one of the ways that we express our love is through our creativity. We take the time to handcraft items from the heart to show the people in our lives that we are thinking about them and taking time for them. How can we do this with crochet in a way that the men in our lives will appreciate? Let me count the ways!

Crochet for the Main Man in Your Life

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to think about what you can crochet for your boyfriend or husband.

One popular choice is the Aspen Ski Hat, a free crochet pattern from Linda Permann. It is a versatile item that he can wear to stay warm anywhere, and when he does it will also warm his heart to remember that it was made just for him. If you don’t have the time to work up this detailed mock Fair Isle hat, then a good alternative is the quick Two-Hour Crochet Hat, which is also a free crochet pattern designed by Linda Permann.

Does your man have enough hats already? The Men’s Muffler designed by Drew Emborsky for our Nov./Dec. 2010 issue is another design that will keep him warm for many months to come. If you’re feeling really ambitious, Drew’s Man’s Best Sweater (Jan./Feb. 2010) will satisfy your hook and his heart.

The key to many men’s hearts is through music. There are a lot of terrific choices for music lovers. You can find tons of them in the January / February 2012 issue, which was our music-themed issue. The Fab Four Amigurumi pattern by Monica Rodriguez Fuertes is great for Beatles fans, while the Rock and Roll Guitar Strap by Brenda K.B. Anderson is perfect for men who play their own guitar.


Crochet for the Little Guys

Our men are important, but it’s our boys that really have our hearts. There are so many adorable items to be crocheted for little boys.

One super cute choice for boys this spring is the sporty Spring Training Jacket designed by Amanda Saladin, which you can find in our Mar./Apr. 2013 issue.

Little boys look especially adorable in animal-inspired crochet. The Dinosaur Hat designed by Regina Rioux (available as a free Crochet Today download) is an easy way to make your little boy smile and see everyone else smile when they see him in it. The Shark Swaddle, a free crochet pattern by Sharon Mann, is more of a full costume and one that will just make you want to gobble that baby up.

Instead of just crocheting something that your little boy will look cute in, though, you could also make him happy by crocheting up a toy or two that he will love. Our May/ June 2010 issue offers a lot of good patterns, like The Runaway Menagerie: Monkey designed by Ana Paula Rimoli. The Critter Bath Sponges by KJ Hay from our Apr./May 2011 issue offer another good choice that young boys will enjoy.

Crocheting for the World’s Men

Lots of us also like to use our creativity and craftiness to help the world when we can. Charity crochet is a terrific way to do that and there are plenty of great opportunities to crochet for men in need.

Soldiers are a great example of men that welcome crochet donations. Operation Gratitude, American Angels, and Soldiers’ Angels are just a few examples of charities that accept crochet for soldiers. You can crochet anything from helmet liners to boot cuffs, but you can also keep it simple and just send something to keep the troops warm; scarves are always a good choice, so consider something like the Game Day Scarf by Sara Graham from our Jan./Feb. 2010 issue.

There are all types of other men in need as well, of course. Veterans, the homeless, men in nursing homes, and men in hospitals all welcome the warmth of a handcrafted item. The Man-Ghan blanket designed by Katherine Eng for our Jan./Feb. 2010 issue is a good go-to pattern to give to any of these charities.

Crochet for Men Who Crochet

Crochet and knitting are both becoming increasingly popular among men. There are lots of great male crochet artists and designers. If you happen to have one of these special men in your life, it may be intimidating to crochet something for him since he already knows the craft. The trick is to make him something to show you’re supportive of his crafting. Kim Kotary’s Case for Crochet Hooks is a good free pattern that creates a product any crochet lover could use. Or better yet, get him a gift subscription to Crochet Today!

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