Totally New Concept for Knitting Needles!

When we first saw the new Susan Bates® Tipping Points™ knitting needles, we were instantly intrigued. These unique straight needles are designed to give you the perfect point for knitting with any yarn and project.

3 Unique Point Profiles

Here's how it works: Each set of 2 straight needles comes with three different points: Blunt, Medium, and Sharp. The metal tips can be easily unscrewed, so you can change from a sharp point (handy for tight stitches) to blunter tips (good for yarns that like to split) to medium tips (useful for the majority of yarns and patterns). There's also a little metal "key" that helps you get a better grip on the round needle when changing the points, similar to the way many circular interchangeable needles work. Just slide the key into the hole in the needle tip before screwing the tip onto the needle.

The needles are colored-coded in 8 sizes ranging from 4 (3.5mm) to 10.5 (6.5mm). The "non-working" ends of the needles are decorated with a rounded silver metal knob that gives the needles a sleek, modern look.

Our verdict: these are really gorgeous needles, and have a nice weight in the hands, without being too heavy. If you have stayed away from straight needles for awhile, give Tipping Points a try--they may even convince you to switch back to straights (at least sometimes)!

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