San Francisco's First I Love Yarn Day Flash Mob!

The Crochet Today team joined the Craft Yarn Council to celebrate I Love Yarn Day with a Knit and Crochet Flash Mob! It was a perfect fall day and we were so excited by all of the wonderful people (and new friends) who showed up in San Francisco's Union Square. Here's to another one next year!

We left our hearts in San Francisco #iloveyarnday


A CT reader Chelsea with her Indio Shawl


Ruth Tillman of in her own design

These lovely ladies came all the way from Vacaville!

CT editor Theresa Gonzalez with food scarf designer Twinkie Chan!

CT craft editor Jann Jones with her hand-crocheted cowls in Red Heart Dash

Admiring their work...

Working on her first project ever!

Designer Peter Franzi represented the men who love yarn too:)

Thanks to everyone who came out! Let's do it again next year! xo



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