See what our readers have created with Linda Permann's pretty chapeau!

Lori S. from Michigan sent us this charming photo (above) of her nieces, Claudia and Josie, wearing their white Cafe Cloche hats that Lori made for Christmas gifts! (Looks like the girls received crocheted bags, too, and we see some striped crocheted stockings on the mantel behind them--Lori's hook has been busy!)

We also like atkara's version in a deep green with a fancy gold button on the brim.

Who can resist a baby wearing a crocheted hat? This purple cloche was made by arundquist.

Dark colors seem popular right now--here's an elegant deep red hat by kingjrd.

Bucking the trend, scown4738 used bright pink and added a big felted flower!

To get the Cafe Cloche pattern designed by Brenda K.B. Anderson (magazine photo, below), purchase the November/December 2011 issue.