Meet Our New Guest Blogger!

Our San Francisco neighbor, Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence , will be joining us every Thursday to bring you even more technical tips, free patterns, insider news, and musings on crochet. Here, we ask her a few things about her crochet life. Enjoy and welcome Kathryn to the Crochet Today team!

CT: What dream project have you yet to crochet?
I want to do a floor-to-ceiling wall hanging for my bedroom. I am lucky enough to have beautiful high ceilings so it will be a big project. I haven’t started it yet because I haven’t quite figured out what design I want to use. I feel like the inspiration will strike at the right time and then I’ll run with it. I do know that I’ll be using the color scheme black, white and burgundy) because that’s the colors of my room.

CT: What’s your favorite crochet trend right now?
The use of crochet in art, particularly mixed media art.

CT: Tell us about your worst crochet “oops.”

My biggest mistake was with one of the first blankets I tried to crochet. I don’t typically follow patterns and my idea was to just make a bunch of yellow and white squares and then connect them with black stitching and a black border. I hadn’t crocheted enough at the time to realize that when you work around a square you need to increase in each corner. I ended up with a big mess that was more like a large misshapen bag than any kind of blanket.
The real reason that it was a huge oops, though, was because when I went to purchase the black yarn I didn’t know anything about different yarn types. I went to an LYS that doesn’t put their prices on their yarn. I ended up buying luxury cashmere ArtYarns for this project and found out at the register that I was spending hundreds of dollars on yarn. Looking back I have no idea why I didn’t put it back, but I had in mind that this would be an amazing blanket so I forged ahead. Ultimately, that yarn was completely wasted.

CT: Who inspires you?
I am inspired by the everyday woman who uses crochet to help herself and others in small ways that end up making a big difference over the course of a lifetime. When I wrote my book, Crochet Saved My Life, I had the terrific opportunity to interview two dozen such women who crochet to heal through tough times and every single one of them continues to inspire me to this day. I am freshly inspired each time I hear from or about another woman who is making a difference in daily life with creative crafting.

CT: What’s your go-to stitch pattern?
Ribbed half double crochet for rows, granny squares for motif projects.

CT: What’s likely playing while you crochet?
I almost always watch streaming TV (Netflix or Hulu) when crocheting. It’s either psychological crime dramas or the kind of reality TV that reveals a person’s story in one episode.

CT: What’s your fix for the crochet munchies?
My hands are too busy working to indulge munchies!

CT: Who do you crochet for most?
Myself! I think it’s wonderful to make things for other people and I definitely do that sometimes, including crocheting for charity, but I’m definitely a crafter who works on things for my own wardrobe and home.

CT: In one word, how would you describe your crochet life?


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I am an advanced beginner and I would LOVE to get a copy of the pattern for the grey infinity scarf that Kathryn is wearing in the photo. So lush and lovely!