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I recently found your magazine at a store. I quickly browsed through it and then purchased it. I was hoping that you would offer your magazine via internet subscription..meaning paperless. I liked your patterns, but can't use them all right now. I am a beginner and will hone my skills over time, but I have no extra room for piles of magazines. My question is will you be offering this service in the near future? I think it might be a great feature to add.

Paperless options are

Paperless options are becoming more and more popular, that is true. We do not plan to do this in the "near" future, but if that changes I will be sure to post here.

Thanks for the reply

Thank you for your reply, and will keep checking back in with you. I have to tell you a funny story that goes hand in hand with this. My mother was a avid crocheter and knitter. For close to 50 years, she was always working on this project or that one and always more than one at a time. We lost her to cancer just before Christmas 2009. All the woman and girls in our family just loved all the wonderful things she made us and now we treasure them even more. Our dad asked us sisters if we wanted any of mom's "stash" of yarn. Of coarse, we did, we started pulling out the yarn. We pulled yarn from her "yarn cubbies", "all" the closets in their house, under the beds, in the basement, where ever she had stashed it. Our dad just shook his had and laughed, he said "she always thought I never knew she had this much yarn". We divided up the yarn between 5 of us girls. I started bringing my garbage bags full of this precious memory of mom home. My husband started asking me "what in the world are you going to do with all this yarn?" I just looked at him and smiled, and said "guess I am going to learn how to crochet and knit, after all I am my mother's daughter!" I am teaching myself how to crochet right now, I have made serveral things, small stuff. And already I have requests from family to make them one. I always show my husband first and then my dad, and then my mom's friends ( couple of them are crocheters to and scrutinize my work) they all say what a nice job and nope don't see any mistakes. I have to chuckle to myself because they don't know how many times I ripped it back out. Just like my mom, I wanted to get it right. So, after a few months, my husband has quit asking me at the store what I need more yarn for, but he doesn't know about the boxes upon boxes of patterns my mom had, us girls "stashed" in, now dad's house, closets. My oldest sister is knitting, my youngest sister is also teaching herself to crochet, our sister-in law is knitting along with her oldest daughter, and the other middle sister is learning how to use the hand held knitting looms. We finally get it, what made mom want to get up in the middle of the night to hurry up and finish a project. Thanks again, don't worry if I browse thru you next issue and see something that catches my eye and I can make it, I'll purchase your magazine, just like my mom did. :-)

Thanks for the great story!

Thanks for the great story! My mother taught me to knit but I had to teach myself how to crochet when I was in college. Mom had a small stash of yarn, but nothing like your mother's. I don't have any sisters but I did teach my daughter to knit and sew, and now that I have two granddaughters, I will be teaching them when they're old enough.

gingerbread house

how can I get the gingerbread house pattern from 2009
does anyone have a copy they would share...

Back issues are available for

Back issues are available for sale at our web shop:

Yarn Kit Giveaway

On Pg. 27 of the March/April 2011 issue is an ad for entering a contest to win the yarn to make the featured vest. I entered the website given but don't see where or how to enter for the contest. Can anyone give me some helpful hints?

The contest page is up now!

The contest page is up now! Please enter at:

The contest page will be up

The contest page will be up soon, please check back again!

Late Issue

I don't know why it takes forever before I receive my Crochet Today issue. I so looking forward to receiving in mailbox soon!