How to Crochet the Solomon's Knot

Post by Kathryn Vercillo of Crochet Concupiscence

The Solomon’s Knot, also known as the Lover’s Knot, is a great openwork crochet stitch. You can use it to create interesting lacework to use for accessories, wearables, home décor and more.

Step 1 You will start your work with the usual slip knot but you will pull the knot up to a taller height than normal. Knot sizes vary by pattern but average .5” – 2” in height. The taller the knot, the more open and lacy the stitch will appear.

Step 2 Once the knot is the correct height, yarn over and pull through.

Step 3 Single crochet in the space between the yarn from the skein and the loop that you’ve created. This completes your first Solomon’s Knot stitch.

Step 4 Repeat Steps 2-4 to create a chain of Solomon’s knots.

Next Steps This tutorial shows you how to create the basic’s Solomon’s knot. When you work a Solomon’s knot pattern you will be working through the row of Solomon’s knots, crocheting into the single crochets of the knots from the previous row.


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