How to Crochet the Perfect Valentine’s Day

How to Crochet the Perfect Valentine’s Day
By Kathryn Vercillo

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. Make the most of adding romance to your life throughout these next weeks by using your crochet skills to create the perfect Valentine’s Day in every way. From crocheting your Valentine’s outfit to making the perfect gift for the one that you love, your hooks can bring magical moments to this holiday that celebrates the heart.

Start by Decorating the Home

One of the reasons that people love the Christmas holidays so much is because they get immersed in the spirit of things weeks in advance by decorating their homes. Make your whole year special by doing this for all of the holidays, starting right now with Valentine’s Day.

An easy but wonderful way to decorate the home for Valentine’s Day is to crochet a heart-shaped garland to hang in the home. Or if hearts aren’t your thing, you might just want to create another style of red garland; see examples here.

You can take the same idea of crocheted hearts and use them in different ways throughout the home as well. Some ideas for heart décor include:

  • Crochet a few hearts and frame them to create a hallway art display
  • Crochet individual hearts and use them as coasters on all of your tables; check out the Justify My Love coasters pattern by Susan Lowman that was featured in our January/February 2013 issue (above).
  • Pin a crochet heart to your family’s bulletin board or message space
  • Add a ribbon to a crochet heart pattern (below) and hang it somewhere in the home
  • Crochet a heart-shaped mobile (below) for the home; see pattern here

If you need a good pattern for crocheted hearts, check out our free Mini Hearts pattern. You can also learn how to easily adapt this pattern to make different sizes of hearts using our recent article on crochet pattern modification.

Crochet a Valentine’s Gift

A handmade gift is one of the best things that you can give to anyone in your life. You can crochet Valentine’s gifts whether you want to celebrate your Valentine’s love for a romantic partner, your children or the women in your craft group.

A large heart-shaped crochet rug is a great gift for anyone; it’ll celebrate the holiday and also be a great item to keep all year round. The same is true for heart-shaped pillows; try the conversation hearts pattern (below) by Regina Rioux Gonzalez in our January/February 2010 issue.

Stuffed animals are another wonderful crochet gift for this holiday. Make them for the kids you love – and the adults you know will treasure them too! KJ Hay’s free crochet pattern for the Love Monkey (below) is a top choice.

More cute ideas are Ana Paula Rimoli’s Love Bugs (below, top pic) in our September/October 2010 issue, and Christen Haden’s Sweetheart Robots from the January/February 2010 issue (below, bottom pic).

A fun romantic gift for a love of your life is the personalized Love Shack pillow, January/ February 2012 (below). Designer Brenda K. Anderson suggests that you can “personalize a record pillow with his or her favorite song this Valentine’s Day!”

Don’t forget the value of handmade Valentine’s cards. Add a crochet heart motif to a blank card, write a sweet message inside and you’ve got a gift that will touch the hearts of those that you love.

Get Yourself Ready for Romance

Valentine’s Day is about loving others but it’s also about loving yourself. A great way to show self-love is to crochet items that you’ve always wanted.

The best thing to crochet might be a garment or accessory that you can wear to your Valentine’s date this year. If you enjoy crochet jewelry then a great choice is Susan Lowman’s Valentine Earrings (above), a pattern from our January/ February 2011 issue. A beautiful free pattern is Katherine Eng’s Shimmery Hearts Scarf (below), which is worked in filet crochet.

You may also just want to make yourself something sweet and special as a gift you know you’ll enjoy. A terrific blanket is a gift you can enjoy all year long; check out the pattern for the Big Love Blanket by Marty Miller (below) in our January/February 2010 issue, to get inspired.

Or treat yourself to spa-style indulgences in your home by crocheting yourself a sleep mask such as the Good Night Sweetheart Sleep Mask (below) designed by Beth Nielsen for our January/February 2013 issue.

It’s Valentine’s season … enjoy it by falling in love with crochet all over again!

Note: We’ve mentioned a lot of patterns in back issues of Crochet Today here. Are you wondering how to get your hands on those? Visit our online store to order back issues today.


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I especially appreciated the idea of creating a special place for me to crochet. The more candles the better.bubblegum casting

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Have the stress about the holidays but I certainly appreciate all of Kathryn's tips.I especially appreciated the idea of creating a special place for me to crochet. The more candles the better. bubblegum casting