Is That A Hook Growing Out of Your Hand?

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate with some pirate crochet patterns and conversation.

Pirate Crochet Patterns

Crochet pattern designer Nancy Anderson has designed several pirate patterns that are free over at Red Heart including:


Puppy Pirate Hat Crochet Pattern


Baby Crochet Pirate Feet

Jolly Roger Pirate Pumpkin

Red Heart also offers a free crochet pattern by Kim Guzman for a set of pirate costume accessories.

Talk Like a Pirate: The Crochet Edition

No matter what you crochet, you can make it a fun silly day by speaking pirate while you craft. Some suggestions:“Ahoy matey!” This is a good pirate hello greeting to say when you arrive at your crochet meetup.

  • Use your crochet to flirt: “Avast, me proud beauty. Do ye like my hook?”
  • “I must frog this smartly.” Smartly means quickly in pirate speak.
  • “Shiver me timbers” is a good response when someone shows you their craft work.
  • “Arr!” A useful, versatile pirate sound.

And make sure you stop calling it your stash and start calling it your booty!



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