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Hi there, Crochet Today-ers! Hm... that's a strange nickname, huh? Crochet Today-ers doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Well, I think we can come up with something better together—especially now that we have this handy blog and snazzy new website through which to chat about such things. Because you must be calling yourselves something much better than Crochet Today-ers. Are you? Do tell!

That's me, above, last summer, testing out a work in progress—which I am proud to say I did eventually finish. Unfortunately not all of my crochet projects are so lucky; I have a notoriously large pile of UFOs (unfinished objects). This isn't necessarily a unique problem among crocheters, and I hope keeping up the crochet chatter on this blog will, among other things, inspire us all to pick up our hooks and keep up the stitching we enjoy so much. Remember: the end result is pretty much always worth the effort, if only for the sense of accomplishment.

I look forward to bringing you more posts from the assistant editor seat at Crochet Today. And please feel free to leave your comments—here and elsewhere on the site. We love to hear from our readers, and we hope you'll enjoy chatting with us to...


July/August 2009 patterns

I have not been able to find a back issue of the July/August 2009 Crochet Today that the School of Fish Pillows, the Stitchy Sea Shells, Ballpark Blankie, and Dreamy Doilies Afghan are in. Is there a way for me to purchase just these patterns? Or does anyone want to part with this issue?

Thank you.

Floral Cloche

I just came across this hat, but I have a problem, I would like to make it for my niece which is 9 years old and according to the web sites I have seen ( child sizes 3-10 years old) head circumference should be approximately anywhere between 19"-20 1/2"

Is there anyway you could give me the pattern for a child size, also can I use worsted weight yarn vs 2 strands of sport.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I have crochet before but never altered a patten

altering the pattern

This hat is worked from the top down, so just stop increasing when you feel it is big enough.

WR2079 Tunisian Colorblock Throw

Google search takes you to it...WR2079 Tunisian Colorblock Throw, found at:

B from Canada

Thank you, thank you ! I

Thank you, thank you ! I can't wait to start this Throw for my grand babies!

Tunisian Colorblock Throw - WR2079

Maya, help !

I'm looking for the pattern instructions for this throw that was advertised in the May/ June issue. It is listed as a Coats and Clark pattern but after doing a search on that site, it was not found.

I love the pattern, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Lost Pattern

Hello All - I am a new blogger here, but have been buying Crochet Today for a while. I had one issue that came out last year some time - I have no idea for sure what month it was, but it was a cute shirt for young teens. It had a skull on the front with a bow on top - called Sweet Skully Sweater. I have it about halfway done and have misplaced my issue of that particular magazine. Can anyone out there help me out?Thanks!

New poster looking for an old pattern

Hi Everyone!  So I have ripped apart my crochet bin looking for my back issues of Crochet Today, and wouldn't you know I can't find any but 4 of them???  I've been a subscriber from the beginning to last May, so the pattern I'm looking for lies somewhere in those issues....  There was in the early issues a beautiful pattern for a ROUND afghan that was made with many purples, mauves, variegated yarns in various textures.  It is a pattern that is rather large, and I've been keeping it in the back of my mind to make for my brother and new sister in law for a wedding gift next summer.  Wouldn't you know I really can't find it!!!  If there is anyone out there that might have an idea of when that pattern was published I would LOVE it if you could send a pic of it, and the date so I can request the back issue!

Thanks so much, and happy crocheting!  Oh - this was a Moda Dea yarn pattern... If that helps!


Best Shop

 Where do you recommend getting the best quality yarn at the lowest prices possible?


Thanks for answering my question Maya, I will continue working on my afghan.