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Just dropping in to say hi a quick hi and introduce myself! I'm Brett Bara, editor of Crochet Today. (That's me in a taxi with a snake I stitched—but more on him in a later post.) I'll be popping by to post here on the blog often, sharing my favorite crochet inspiration, behind-the-scenes peeks from the magazine, crochet projects I'm working on, how-to's and more. It's going to be fun!

I hope you'll check in often to see what we're up to, and leave lots of comments, because we want to know what you think! We love hearing from our readers, so rest assured we devour every word you write!

Talk soon! xoxo, Brett


baby bunting pattern

It's in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue, the same one as the Blooming Blankie, which I made for my nephew (minus the flowers) and it's gorgeous.

spring fever glovettes feb/mar 2007

I cannot find a source for the 3/4 inch belt clasps for these gloves. Does anyone know where I can get them so I can finish my gloves?

baby bunting pattern

Hi There!
I crocheted beautiful baby buntings from an early issue of Crochet Today. I can't find the issue, and was wondering if someone happens to know which one it is (so I can hopefully order a back issue). The bunting was a mint green (made with supersoft yarn), had a hood, and buttons down the front.
I'd love to make one for a friend!
Please let me know what issue it was in.
Thanks a lot!


I recently subscibed to this magazine and so far have not received an issue. My subscription was processed on the 21st of September, can you please let me know when I will receive my first issue.

Lost Pattern

Hi - I need some help finding a pattern from an issue of Crochet Today that I have misplaced. It came out last year, but I can't even tell you what month it was. It was a pullover for teens called Sweet Skully Sweater and featured the front of the sweater with a skull and crossbones worked into the design and a bow on top of the skulls' head. Please help - I am in the middle of making this for my granddaughter who is very into skulls!

Lost Pattern

Erin - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have ordered the magazine, which, of course, means that I will find my copy in the bottom of a pile of yarn of something. But at least now I feel better, knowing that I will have one coming in - just in case the other one DOESN'T turn up!

july/aug 07

That pattern is in the July/August 2007 issue. You can call 800-865-7240 to order, or try online. I found it here:


caplet swing cardi pattern - new subscriber

I just subscribed to the magazine, because I loved the caplet swing cardi and I would like the pattern. Will I get it with my first issue or can someone send it to me online?

you will need to buy the issue

If you only just subscribed after seeing the Capelet Swing Cardi, your subscription will begin with the next available issue. Look for the pattern in bookstores or yarn shops, or you can buy it here:


Coaster Comeback AFGHAN!!!!!

Dear Brett,

I was in need of a pattern for a crochet competition that is occurring in November, so I went through all of the Crochet Today magazines that I have and I found the perfect one! I took the Coaster Comeback from the July/August '09 issue and (I am still working on it) turned it into a beautiful afghan. It has the coasters from the magazine and I'm putting in small granny squares in between the circles and they fit perfectly!!!! I'll keep you up dated.